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Carol loved going to the movies with us. We decided to honor her passion for movies by doing movie reviews on this site. Our philosophy here is: "If I can go to a movie and be taken away from reality for 2 hours...that was a good movie." Mike @

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It occurred to me that Carol, Kristen, Carol's Mom (Chau Hong), Lori, and I  all like(d) to go to the movies or watch them on VUDU , Netflix, Blu-Ray, … [Go To The Complete List...]

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ted 2

Summer 2015 Movies We Are Looking Forward to Seeing

Here are the movies we are hoping to see, or definitely will see, this summer. Come back to for the movie review. May 2015 Definite Avengers: Age of Ultron - Maybe Hot Pursuit - June 2015 Definite Ted … Go here for more...


“Tomorrowland” Trailer

Tomorrowland looks interesting. We will probably go see it on May 22, 2015 since we like anything Disney, George Clooney, and Hugh Laurie (by the way....if you want to watch a sweet / brutal movie with Hugh Laurie acting the pants off of … Go here for more...

mi 5 trailer pic

Mission Impossible 5-Rogue Nation: Trailer

Until we get back to the movies, here is the upcoming Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation trailer.  A definite must see this summer! - - Drive Safe!  Never Forget   … Go here for more...

the wedding ringer

“The Wedding Ringer” Movie Review

(Kevin Hart Subdued, Sort Of) - - Joah Gad (as Doug Harris) is about to marry the woman of his dreams, beautiful Gretchen Palmer (played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting).  He is panicking because he never really had any close friends and everyone … Go here for more...


“Kingsman: The Secret Service” Movie Review

(Killing, Killing, and More Killing, Weird) - - After the fantastic opening credits (must see), you know very quickly that you are in for an increasing death toll (massive death toll to be more descriptive) involving people being cut in … Go here for more...

night at the museum secret

“Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” Movie Review

(The Night Life Might End) - - Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) has a handle on the Museum night life and uses that to his advantage during fundraisers. One night, the museum characters ruin the festivities, but, no one knows … Go here for more...

into the woods 2

“Into The Woods” Movie Review

(Musical Fairy Tale Mash-Up) - - A childless baker and his wife (James Corden and Emily Blunt) are sent on a treasure hunt into the woods by a wicked witch (Meryl Streep). They are to find items belonging to: Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), … Go here for more...



Scholarship Winner Blog Entries

Below we honor the Carol Phan Scholarship winners. Please look at their contributions to and also see their winning applications.

claire headshot

Claire Guite

Claire is the 2015 Carol Phan College Scholarship winner! Claire will be attending CSU Long Beach, majoring in Fashion Design. Go here to see Claire's work: Here is Claire's essay describing the work she has posted on … [Read More...]


Inyoung Hong Our 2014 College Scholarship Winner

Two days before my 18th birthday, at 1 AM on a Monday morning, one of my best friends told me that she was going to die. An official brain scan was going to be done soon, but her doctor already knew the expected result. Maria had a brain tumor, and … [Read More...]

May 2013 cropped

Graduating High School by Kyleigh McPhillips

I graduate high school in less than two weeks. This is no new prospect to me. My peers have scribbled countdowns onto every whiteboard, student planner, and corners of assignments that they can get their hands on. Even the teachers have … [Read More...]

km overview

Kyleigh McPhillips

Click here for more information on Kyleigh and the rest of the scholarship recipients. … [Read More...]


“My Freshman Year of College is Over” by Caitlin Dong

A quick note from Caitlin Dong, our first Carol Phan College Scholarship recipient! - D-O-N-E. I’m donedonedone. My freshman year of college is over and it definitely feels surreal. I remember thinking at the beginning of the school year that … [Read More...]

Amy Ly, West High, 2012 Carol Phan Scholarship Winner

Amy Ly, West High

For more about Amy and the other scholarship here. Here is the picture Amy submitted for the scholarship: Amy's $1,000 scholarship was sponsored by Action Jumpers. - Drive Safe!  Never Forget. … [Read More...]

Seokho Hong, Tracy High, 2012 Carol Phan College Scholarship winner

Seokho Hong, Tracy High

For more about Seokho and the other scholarship here. - - Seokho Hong, Tracy High, 2012 Carol Phan College Scholarship Essay My passion in life is computer programming. It’s not simply what I want to do for a living in my … [Read More...]


“High School vs College and Home vs Dorm” by Caitlin Dong

Here is a BRAND NEW blog entry from Caitlin Dong,'s 2011 College Scholarship  winner. Caitlin is now attending U.C. Berkeley (....Berzerkeley....I just had to do it!).  :-) Enjoy! -- College life is undoubtedly different from … [Read More...]

caitlin dong college 1

“College Thus Far :-)” by Caitlin Dong

Note:  Caitlin Dong was the first recipient of the Carol Phan College Scholarship.  She is now attending U.C. Berkeley.  Thank you, Caitlin, for this update and the kind words at the end of your blog entry.  You rock!  :-) -- Sitting here, I … [Read More...]

City Hall

Cool Things To Do In Tracy, CA by Caitlin Dong

I thought  it  would be cool to compile a little list of things to do around Tracy. I asked a few friends and here is what they said: Cynthia: "having coffee at Baristas & relaxing over good conversation (: " Monique: " id have to say … [Read More...]

Fig 1

UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong Just as high school freshmen attend orientation, so do college freshmen. I attended freshman orientation for UC Berkeley in the middle of June. Everyone abbreviated and referred to orientation as CalSO … [Read More...]

CD 1

“My Passion For Dance & How It’s Changed” by Caitlin Dong

My Passion for Dance & How It’s Changed Submitted by: Caitlin Dong When I was little, I dreamed of being a prima ballerina. After all, what little girl doesn’t dream of becoming someone who is beautiful and graceful, like a ballerina? I … [Read More...]



Carol and her mother, Chau, loved to travel. We continue their passion for travel on this web site.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Costa Rica Photographs

Someday, we will visit Costa Rica. Until then, these pictures will have to do. Visit this National Geographic page for more beautiful photographs of Costa Rica. Enjoy. Costa Rica.  Beautiful country. … [Read More...]

hang son doong cave

Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong Caves by Drone: Video

Vietnam has an amazing complex of caves that were captured using a drone. Go to the National Geographic article to learn more about the creator of this video and the Hang Son Doong Caves.  Here is an excerpt: The biggest cavern in Vietnam's Son … [Read More...]

Tom and Daughter

“Visiting China” by Thomas Alexander

On this blog post I will copy my lifelong (he is three months older than I) friend's recent trip to China with his daughter, Marty.  I thought it was FASCINATING and wanted to preserve the experience FOREVER instead of it just being on Facebook … [Read More...]

new zealand

Interesting New Zealand Facts

I saw a link to this page on a friends Facebook.  I am taking the liberty of copying it here (hope they do not mind). Go here to see the original page. --- 69 Facts About New Zealand That’ll Blow Your Mind 16 April 2014 … [Read More...]

routeburn track new zealand

Top Ten Treks

I spotted this article while flipping thru Flipboard one evening.  I can honestly say that I have never set foot on one of these trails, but, I would love to put on my hiking boots and tackle at least one of these some day. My brother and I … [Read More...]

maho beach 4

Low Flying Aircraft: Photos

Maho Beach on the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean offers a very unique experience for beach goers.  Here are a few photographs I grabbed from this web site.  Go there to see more.  Enjoy.   Princess Juliana … [Read More...]


National Geographic Photographs: Hawaii

(Lanai) No more beautiful place on earth...Hawaii.  We went to Kauai twice as Kristen was growing up.  Heaven on earth.... Go to the Nat Geo web site to see all the pictures. Here are a few...  :-) Click to … [Read More...]

vatican city

National Geographic’s Best Travel Locations February 2013

I was flipping through Flipboard this weekend and saw these beautiful pictures from the National Geographic.  The pictures are from Japan to Australia to Chile and 7 other locations. Visit this web page to see them all and read about these … [Read More...]

beautiful bird

Beautiful National Geographic Bird Photographs

Looking at Flipboard today, I saw these beautiful photographs of birds from National Geographic.  Go to Nat Geo to read all about them (I hope they don't mind if I post some of the pictures here.)  Enjoy. - Drive Safe!  Never … [Read More...]

bronze people

Carmel By The Sea, Carmel, CA

This past weekend we took a day trip to Carmel, CA.  One of our favorite places on earth, we decided to go with our 12 year old Lab, Sunny, hoping he would enjoy the day before getting too old! We think he enjoyed it!  There were hundreds of dogs … [Read More...]

vn 1

Beautiful Photographs from Vietnam

Chau sent me these photographs from Vietnam a few days ago....enjoy! - We love you Carol - Drive Safe!  Never Forget. … [Read More...]

Tracy, CA glenn moore, tracy press

Beautiful Paths

Chau sent me an email a few days ago with most of these pictures of beautiful paths.  As luck may have it, Facebook friend, and Tracy Press Photographer, Glenn Moore posted the picture below of the path to the famous UFO landing site in Tracy, CA.  I … [Read More...]

Temples 1

Buddhist Temples in Vietnam

Chau has been sending me these Powerpoint slide show files.  Unfortunately, I have only Open Office and could not see them.  Arrrghh. I finally downloaded Powerpoint viewer (free) from Microsoft and can now see them!  Sure glad I did... These … [Read More...]

Chili Volcano 1

Volcano in Chile: June 2011

Chau sent an email the other day with pictures of the volcano in June 2011 in Chile. Stunning. I did a Google search and found this web site at National Geographic.  I grabbed a few of the pictures using the wonderful Snipping tool, but for the … [Read More...]

El Caminito del Rey Scary Trail in Spain

Carol's mom sent me this via email this morning.  You will NEVER find me here... Read more about the limestone gorge where this path is located, in Spain, in an area called El Chorro.  And more on the El Caminito del Rey Trail trail … [Read More...]

Projection Show in Kharkov Ukraine

Carol's mom forwarded this to me this morning.  At first, I thought it was going to be fireworks, ho hum, been there, done that, boooorrrrring.  :-) BUT, this is awesome.  Enjoy. I assume they are using lasers to do this while projected on … [Read More...]


Alpine ibex Walking the Dam

Ok, show me your hands.  How many of you out there would want to do this? Yikes! These are some pictures Carol's Mom forwarded to me from a friend (relative?) in France. Here is the original email text (in French): Le bouquetin des Alpes … [Read More...]

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