Wingless Man Flies Like an Angel

Chau sent me this video earlier today.

Illusionist Criss Angel flies between buildings with no apparent support.

Can it be?  Very cool…..

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


Lu Chen Magician

Chau sent me this a few days ago.  Amazing!  I wonder how he does this….

For more on Lu Chen, go to this WikiPedia article on him.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

More Optical Illusions

The original optical illusion post is one of the most viewed posts on this site.  Here are a few more illusions you might like.  :-)

Can you see three naked (that should increase our viewers!) women in our old friend Albert Einstein?

See the grey between the squares?

Are these individual circles or a spiral?

Spinning cylinders….

Spinning flowers…


Optical Illusions

This is cool.  A whole buch of illusions were sent to me by Carol’s Mom.

Anything moving?


Can you read this?

Dirty Mind?  What do you see?