405 Carmegeddon in LA

LA is closing 405 for some repairs, and the area is expected to gridlock (have they not heard of TELECOMMUTING??).  Anyway….a FB friend’s friend posted a link to this extremely funny (but a bit scary) video….Drive Safe!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget (Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby)

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Click the pic then print….

Snipping Tool in Windows 7

My favorite tool on Wiondows 7 has got to be, by far, the Snipping Tool.

The only problem is….the only screen capture I can’t grab with Snipping Tool is the Snipping Tool window itself.

How funny is that?

If you are reading this blog…or just browsing it…you have seen MANY pictures on it that I grabbed (and saved as a JPEG) using Snipping Tool.

Look familiar?

Here is one I grabbed from Facebook.  Chau has a really cool T-shirt to wear now…a bit big, but, I have a smaller version (the more colorful one) here for her when she visits again.  :-)

Snipping Tool is VERY easy to use and if you write a blog or work with images…Snipping Tool is essential!

Where is it?  Go to the “Start” menu then do a search for “Snipping Tool”.  I use it so much it is part of my daily life.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Chilaberries Frozen Yogurt FUNdraiser July 20 2011

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Drive Safe!  Never Forget (Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby).

“Zookeeper” Movie Review

“Zookeeper” Movie Review

(great family friendly movie!)

I love this scene!

The critics can take lessons in how to enjoy life.  Hey….”Zookeeper” is not an Oscar worthy high brow serious movie.  It IS a FUN family movie that kids and adults will both enjoy.  It is funny, it is FUN, and it teaches a lesson:  Be yourself.

Kevin James (as Griffin Keyes) is awesome.  He has been moving up my list of favorite actors and this movie moved him up even more.  His comic timing is perfect.

Griffin is in love.  He takes his girlfriend on a horseback ride on the beach when she spots a bottle in the sand.  Getting off the horse, she pulls out a note, and finds out it is a marriage proposal from Griffin.  She says no.  It turns out she does not like Giffin’s career as a Zookeeper (he loves his job at the zoo, is good to the animals, kind, helpful, generous…).

5 years later, the old girlfriend makes a re-appearance and Griffin falls again.  This time the animals step in and start giving him advice.

Go see it!  Don’t listen to the critics…they really need to get a life.  This movie is wonderful fun for the whole family.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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Juggling Bowls on a Unicycle

Chau sent me this link via email a few days ago.  Very interesting and beautiful.


My Translation:  If you EVER had the urge to ride on a 10 foot high unicyle and throw bowls on your head, or the heads of others……with your feet.

THIS is the video for you!  :-)

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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Facebook Skype Video Chat

Vidyo on a Tablet

Well, it seems that Facebook now offers point-to-point video chatting from within Facebook.

Good for them!  BUT…point-to-point is kinda useless…just saying.  I have more than one friend I like to chat with, and all the Bay Shore Kids could have a reunion.

Overall Opinion 

HoHum, but, at least video conferencing is now reaching the masses.  After 20+ years pushing video conferencing….my work is done?!  :-)

Google+ (if anyone is actually using it…I cannot seem to get connected) offers multipoint video chat (using, I think, Vidyo software).  At least that is what I heard….


I have been saying for MANY years now that videoconferencing should be for anyone at anytime from anyplace.

Big fancy rooms that cost $500,000 each are simply not needed…DUH…each participant should stay home (#telecommuting = #coworking) and video chat into a meeting.  Save gas, save time, save money, save the environment.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Lytro Light Field Camera: A Photography Revolution

Figure 1: Close focus

I spotted this last week and thought it was simply AWESOME.

How many times have you fiddled with camera focus (or waited for the automatic focus to get it right) before taking a picture?

This new technology, from Lytro, promises to change the way we take photographs.  The person (Ren Ng) who invented this did so as their PhD Thesis at Stanford (PDF), and is just now developing a product. Sweet.

How Does it Work?  Very quickly (because the technology would take a long time to understand, and, yeah, I could understand it since I know a bit about Fourier Optics from my own Thesis, but, I digress):  The picture is taken. That picture has ALL the information needed to allow you to pick a focus point AFTER the picture has been taken. You simply click your mouse where you want the focus point to be, and the algorithm takes care of the rest. 

Figure 2: Mid Focus

To show you how this works, I have grabbed a few photos from the Lytro web site with different focus points.  Figure 1, above, shows the close focus.  I clicked my mouse on the girl (I am assuming they are young) on the right (her nose to be exact).  The picture automatically put her face in focus while the others behind her are more and more blurry the further they are from the focus point.

In Figure 2, I clicked my mouse on the second girls nose…you can see how girl #1 becomes less focused and girl #2 is now clear.

Figure 3: Far Focus



For the last picture, Figure 3,  I focused on the girl’s nose in the back and clicked my mouse.  See how the girls up front are now blurry while the girls in the back are in focus.

Remember:  I did all this with one photo, the Lytro algorithm (and the information gathered via the Lytro camera) did all the rest.  VERY AWESOME!  Go to the Lytro web site picture gallery and try a few pictures your self.

Thanks to Caitlin Dong for teaching me how to insert photos and stuff in a more interesting manner!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

Just as high school freshmen attend orientation, so do college freshmen. I attended freshman orientation for UC Berkeley in the middle of June. Everyone abbreviated and referred to orientation as CalSO (Cal Student Orientation). I just learned the other week that UC Berkeley is also known as “Cal” because it was the first established UC. Probably something I should know before I go there, huh? At orientation (at least for Cal), you stay over night in the dorms with a roommate, eat the dorm food, get a tour of the campus, attend mini lecture sessions where faculty help you determine which classes you need to take, etc.

My mom decided that she wanted to participate in the parent orientation that ran at the same time as the student one (but separately, of course). We both agreed that we should pay the additional $30/each to take advantage of the early arrival accommodations. No way in heck was I getting up at 5:30 in the morning to get to Berkeley on time with no stress for the first day of orientation.

It wasn’t long before I realized that everyone is from different places, near and far. With at least 250 future students in one dorm building, I met a lot of people from SoCal (and from NorCal, as well). Others came from Washington, Texas, and there were many international students, coming from Indonesia and China, to name a couple. There is such a diverse group of students, coming from all walks of life – all to the same place: Berkeley, California.

I’ve always shared a room with my sister, but sharing with a complete stranger is a whole different story. At CalSO, though, I ended up rooming with my friend from Tracy High, as we arrived together. We did decide to be social later on in the day and made efforts to meet our floor mates. I honestly think that getting to know the girls on our floor was one of the highlights of orientation. Before the craziness of the next day, we were able to relax and just hang out.

Despite what horrible rumors you hear about dorm food and the fact that I’m a picky eater, I think I’ll be able to survive this coming school year. Breakfast on the first day proved to be assuring. They seemed to prepare food to appeal to many different eaters, including vegetarians, vegans, and picky eaters in general. Oh, and the unlimited frozen yogurt didn’t hurt to form my opinion either.

After breakfast, though, it was time for a completely filled day of becoming better acquainted with the campus and the people. We were split into groups based on similar majors and assigned to a counselor (who is a current student at the university). I was so tired by the end of the first day of orientation (which only lasted until about 9:45 p.m.) that all I wanted to do was go back to my dorm room, take a shower in the dorm shower (with my trusty shower shoes on, of course), and go to sleep (I totally blew off the optional late night activities that the orientation organizers had planned). Of course, nothing really goes as planned, right? As it turns out, I spent time with my floor mates and other friends, finally going to sleep around two in the morning. Not exactly the smartest decision, considering I had to get up four and a half hours later.

The second day of orientation consisted of signing up for classes, taking a tour of the campus, and receiving our student ID cards (and taking our picture for it…a picture that will be stuck with me for the next four years. Great). On the plus side, with my ID card, I have access to free bus services, get student discounts at certain stores, and other such things.

* Some of the most important things I learned while at orientation are as follows:

1) You have a great deal of freedom when choosing what classes you would like to take. Personally, I was/am overwhelmed by the number of courses in such varying subjects that are available. It’s not like high school where you are required to take the all too familiar math, science, english, language, and history courses, and where you can choose, like, one elective. In college, you take about four classes and then some other fun courses, such as karate. They even have a course that helps you strategize in how to study. Yeah. A lot of freedom.

2) There is free tutoring in the Student Learning Center. Heck. Yes.

3) They offer a service called “Bear Walk.” At nighttime (I can’t remember the specific hours), you can call this service, and someone will walk with you to wherever you need to go (well, within a certain mile radius, of course).

4) The homeless people may seem nice, but they WILL steal your things.

5) It’s important to get involved – I think college is really the place to expand your interests, meet people, and have fun while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

As some personal words of advice, definitely apply for scholarships in your senior year of high school. Even though they may seem like a major pain in the butt, you can’t receive any if you don’t try. They will, without a doubt, help alleviate some of the burden of college expenses.

I met a lot of people while at orientation, so that will be somewhat reassuring when I actually begin school in the fall. The energy and vibe at orientation were exciting, which makes me all that more pumped for Cal in a couple of months! To me, Berkeley definitely reminds me of San Francisco, eclectic and so different from good ole Tracy, and I think the transition from suburbia into an urban city will be quite an experience.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Been playing around learning Windows 7’s Windows Live Movie Maker.

Even though it is not as robust as a paid for movie maker, it is, in my opinion, sufficient for hackers (like me) up to, maybe, the intermediate movie producer.  Beyond that, you will have to find something more powerful.

NOTE:  Click the pictures to enlarge.

You can see from the above picture that there is a lot going on.  I have not yet used all the power of this program, but, very quickly:  you can add the video and audio you captured, you can cut video and audio out, you can add information (like the “Weird Weather” above, you can change the way the movie works…etc etc.  Lots of stuff.

Here are some screen shots of the menu options, my suggestion:  Just play with these options.  They are easy to play with, and quite powerful.

Animations (hold you mouse over the transitions and see them work…cool)

Visual Effects (ditto)

Project (Dimensions / Display)


Video Editing Tools

To cut some video / audio from your movie, I use the “Split” tool.  I run the video to where I want start to make the cut then click on “Split”.  Then I run the video to the end of the cut and hit “Split” again.   Then I just delete everything in between.  Not sure if that is the best way, but, it works.

Text Editing Tools

Saving the Movie

There are a bunch of options for saving.  I just save the movie as a large computer file then upload it to YouTube.  Simple.  I did not use the buttons for YouTube, I just did it the old way.  A few months ago I tried the button,  and it did not work, but, it may now (I now have a newer computer).

What is Lacking?

I am used to nice controls for fade in and fade out of video.  Those features are not great here.  I liked the timeline view of the old version of Movie Maker…this view is harder to use (but, maybe it will just take time to get used to it).

Moving Forward

I still have to spend more time with it.  Overall, it is ok.  Hey…it is FREE, so I can’t complain.

Anyway…check back here often, as I will be updating this blog as I use Movie Maker (or when I see a Google search related to a specific topic that I need to cover).

Practice Movie

Here is a video I made on July 3, 2011 showing our Yellow Lab, Sunny, participating in the two tasks he loves the most:  Getting the morning paper (soon to be a thing of the past…sigh) and swimming.

Enjoy. (FYI…Sunny loved Carol…and she him).

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

 (Say Hi to Chau  :-)

“Hitch” Movie Review

“Hitch” Movie Review

(wholesome, heartwarming, fun)

We pulled out an old DVD….I had forgotten how good this 2005 movie was…

All you need is the confidence to approach the one you like.  Hitch can help.

Will Smith (Alex “Hitch” Hitchens), Kevin James (Albert Brennaman), Eva Mendes (Sara Meles) and Amber Valletta (Allegra Cole) are terrific.

Good for the whole family.  A funny heartwarming story about true love and the value of being yourself.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” Movie Review

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” Movie Review

 (lots of action, funny, long, confusing)

Apparently, the race to the moon in the 60’s was spurred by the crash of an alien spacecraft on the moon.  The U.S.A. wanted to get there first. Since I remember watching the landing on TV, the scenes of that historic event were really cool.  I had no idea that Armstrong and Aldrin found that spacecraft….

Shia LaBeouf (as Sam Witwicky) is having a hard time finding a job , but, has another awesome girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (as Carly).  With a medal from President Obama, he does not understand why his first job might have to be in the mail room (after all he saved Earth twice!).  Well, get over it….

He did, but as luck may have it, one of the people targeted for extinction by the Decepticons works in the same office, and Sam soon finds himself back in the action.

The rest of the movie is action, action, and more action.  The part where the Navy SEALS pop up out of the water is scary real, and the people flying through Chicago (I saw a news report that they actually did that!) was awesome!  The special effects are likewise awesome.  BumbleBee rocks!

The only problem, for me, is that “Transformers: The Dark of the Moon” is a bit long, and the constant action is not just confusing (like who is the bad guy and who is the good guy), it is also tiring.

The ending is predictable, but, everyone clapped (hmmm, maybe they had to pee?).

Good movie worth the price of admission, just empty out before it starts. OK for kids, but, a bit intense and visually overwhelming.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Chau (Carol’s mom) sent me this via email.  She said her cousin (in Vietnam?) knows this person.  I’m trying to get introduced…whoops, don’t tell Lori.   :-)

Anyway, if you are attending the GlamRus Tween event….maybe learning these 25 ways to wear a scarf will be useful.  Enjoy!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Google+ Social Network

Soooo, are you ready to drop Facebook and move over to Google+???

Well, they are taking requests, but, apparently Google+ is not quite ready for the big time (why announce it and not be ready?????) .

It looks interesting though…I will definitely try it and invite some of you to join.

Looking at the video above, they may include video chat as an option…I like that a lot!  For the answer why, visit my Technical Blog.

Click on the Google+ link above to watch the videos on some of the features:

Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Huddles and Instant Uploads of videos and pics.

Not bad….sure wish it was ready already…..

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Carol's Mom

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Movie Review

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Movie Review


We are all caught up (it only took us, what, 10 years?) after watching “Wolverine” on Blu-Ray this weekend.

Simply put, this is the story of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and his brother Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber)  starting when they were kids then fighting in several wars (Civil, WWI, WWII, and as Mercenaries) and finally fighting each other.

Jackman and Schreiber are fantastic, and I think this is best of the bunch. Action from the opening scene to the very last.

Worth the price of the blu-ray as I plan to watch it over and over.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Chau Hong (Carol’s Mom)

“Bad Teacher” Movie Review

“Bad Teacher” Movie Review

 (Cameron Diaz, Cameron Diaz, Cameron Diaz)

“Bad Teacher” is a better movie than the trailer suggests.

Cameron Diaz (as Elizabeth Halsey) is shallow.  The only men who interest her are rich, and she thinks that increasing the size of her boobs will help her attract those men.

As the movie opens, she is leaving her teaching job to marry a very rich man. Arriving home she makes an offer I can only dream of from Diaz, but, quickly finds out that the marriage is off.

Back to teaching, but, with a terrible attitude.

She meets clueless substitute  Justin Timberlake (as Scott Delacorte) who’s family is rich and Diaz does her best to hook up with him.  But, he has the hots for another teacher, Lucy Punch (as Amy Squirrel).  Go figure.

As the movie progresses, Diaz learns about herself, and….well, go see it if you want to know what happens.

Good movie.

Cameron Diaz is worth the price of admission.  Timberlake is excellent as the clueless substitute (I mean who could possibly ignore a flirtatious Diaz?), and Jason Segel (as Russell Gettis) is great.

Not for kids, even though some clueless parents had kids with them.  One long boob scene and appropriate (to the intent of the R-rated movie) f-words and sexual references.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

“Horrible Bosses” Movie Trailer

Believe me, I have had my fair share of “Horrible Bosses”….thus my love of writing micro-horror stories that I call “Off Your Boss” (well, some are “off-other-people”, but, bosses prevail).  Check out one of my first micro-horror stories below this cool video.  YES….I will be in the theater on opening night.

READ ALL my micro-horror (“Off Your Boss”) stories here.


“Zero Potential” by Mike Pihlman

It turns out I have several of these “technology / get your boss” stories floating around my yet unexploded brain.  Here is another one for your reading “enjoyment”.

Genre:  Horror

Lesson:  In electronics the point that is connected to ground is at zero potential.

Pete was called into his boss’s office one day.  He was told that the Director of the Division disagreed with Boss’s assessment of Pete’s performance saying that he thought that Pete had “zero potential”.

After many successes in his career such as developing groundbreaking test equipment for ISDN, a remote security system that is still being used many years later, and the development of several people’s careers who are now successful, thanks to Pete’s caring and support.

Now he has “zero potential”.

One day, as luck may have it, Pete was on an errand on campus driving a company car.  In his path walked Director.

Thump, Thump.

Thump, Thump.

Director was now well grounded….zero potential.


Copyright Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman, March 30, 2010.  This is fiction any resemblance to real world is intentional.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


Spherical Air Vehicle from Japan

Surfing the web yesterday, I spotted this flying sphere.  AWESOME!

Darn…you just have to trust me…the video (and the reporter) were awesome.

Drive Safe!  Fly safe!

“My Passion For Dance & How It’s Changed” by Caitlin Dong

My Passion for Dance & How It’s Changed
Submitted by: Caitlin Dong

When I was little, I dreamed of being a prima ballerina. After all, what little girl doesn’t dream of becoming someone who is beautiful and graceful, like a ballerina? I always envied the older girls, who danced on stage elegantly and wore pink fluffy tutus and impossibly straight, pretty pink shoes so they could stand on their tippy toes. I began taking ballet lessons when I was four years old, and it took me several years to realize that I’d never be a prima ballerina. I admire amazing dancers because I know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become one. Over the past few years, I recognized my true passion for dance, but was already more dedicated to school. Recently, I’ve also come to realize that not all little girls have the opportunity to dance, that there are girls who have never even dreamed of being a ballerina. Through dance, I know that I can express my feelings without using words, that dancing can function as an outlet for my emotions. My dream is to give all little girls a chance to experience dance, more specifically ballet, as ballet is the foundation of all forms and styles of dance. Over this past summer, I began to take action…

What started out as an opportunity to earn community service hours and fulfill part of an IB Diploma Programme requirement turned out to be an eye-opening and gratifying experience. After a family friend brought to my attention that not all kids have access to dance, I realized that I could not begin to imagine my life without dance. After I made a few calls, I was referred to the coordinator of North School’s Boys and Girls Club. I recruited my friend, Ally, a fellow dancer and IB student to help me. We met with the coordinator to establish a teaching schedule: two hours a day, Mondays through Thursdays, for three weeks in July.

After touring the campus, my friend and I realized that most of the children would not be able to provide their own ballet slippers. We organized a ballet slipper drive at our dance studio and made an announcement at our yearly recital. Ally and I met to make lesson plans. We decided which ballet steps to introduce and to teach our students the French terms for the ballet steps. On our first day, we encountered an unexpected situation, as the coordinator was not there. We ended up teaching in a different room and we had more girls than anticipated. Although we were stressed after that first day, we were not discouraged.

Another challenge Ally and I faced was dealing with the every day drama of little girls. Some girls were not there every day, while others did not always want to participate. Despite these challenges, we finally settled into a routine, but it was short-lived. On the third day we taught, a staff member asked us if we could give a performance the following Wednesday because the cheerleading camp, that occurred simultaneously, was having a demonstration.

Agreeing to do the performance, Ally and I began to think we were crazy. The girls had only had three days of basic lessons and we needed to teach them routines? We used what we knew worked, choreographing dances to Disney songs. Day one of teaching the dances was an experience similar to a train wreck. I thought to myself what a disaster the performance would be, but my hopes were revived on the second day when the girls showed more interest in learning the choreography. Teaching the routines went amazingly well on the second day…which was good, as it was the day before the performance. While standing on stage, some girls got so nervous that I thought they were going to pee their pants. I found it strange for me to offer them encouraging words, as I had always been the one who was being encouraged. It hadn’t occurred to me that a majority of them had never performed on stage before, that they had no idea what to expect. After all was said and done, they ran off the stage shrieking, because they were so excited.

Besides teaching them their dances and giving the performance, we found that distributing the ballet slippers had its own problems. A lot of girls and a lot of slippers equaled a lot of chaos. Eventually, the shoes got sorted out, and the girls immediately wanted to take the slippers home after the first day. Not having learned our lesson yet, I let my mom convince me that “it would be the cutest thing ever to have the girls make their own tutus.” It was just elastic and tulle, nothing too expensive, right? My friend and I were shell-shocked after pricing out the materials; our hard-earned babysitting money would be gone. After further research, we found an inexpensive supplier. Somehow, I talked my dad into cutting up eighty yards of tulle into 24” by 6” strips. Several hours later, we were ready to create. The girls’ eyes lit up when we showed them what they were going to make. Right after they finished, they wanted to take their tutus home. Because they wanted to perform a second time before the end of their summer camp, my friend and I held those tutus hostage so the girls could wear them at the performance.

A second performance meant more choreography. Both teaching them the dances and the second performance itself went smoother than the first time. They performed their dances on the last day of the summer camp, and all of the boys, girls, and staff members were there to watch. Afterward, we let them keep their ballet slippers and tutus. As for me, I got to keep all of the memories from the past three weeks. I think it was during those three weeks that I truly recognized that the potential of a child is endless. They were given the opportunity to learn ballet and to dance, an opportunity that I created. I am proud of the difference I made in their lives; what started out as a community service project turned into something much more- I learned about my own strengths and weaknesses. It’s an entirely different experience to go to ballet class as a student than to actually apply what I know and take the initiative to be the teacher. When you’re a dancer, you truly never stop learning. After a while, I felt like the girls started teaching and reminding me about what it is like to first experience dance and dream when you’re six years old.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can make a difference no matter how big or small. Even though I only made a difference to a handful of girls at one particular school over the summer, I’d love to see dance spread to the other Boys and Girls Clubs in Tracy, and eventually to other cities, states- everywhere. Any time you introduce a child to music, dance, or some other form of art, expression, or creativity, you also leave a lasting mark on their lives and how they perceive the world. Even though many dance studios offer classes, many girls are unable to take classes due to limited family incomes. There is no way for them to even realize their love for dance unless they are somehow given the opportunity. People should take a step back and look at the needs in their community. I know that, too often, I get so wrapped up in my schoolwork and activities that I fail to look around me and observe the lives of others. Because I missed those little girls, I decided to continue teaching this school year. Although I will be unable to continue teaching ballet at the North School Boys and Girls Club when I attend college, I hope that my friend will have enough confidence to continue our efforts on her own, or with the help of other dancers. Hopefully I can encourage other dancers from my studio to help or to even volunteer at the other Boys and Girls Club campuses. Perhaps, I can even find organizations in the town where I attend college and teach there. Dance is an integral part of my life, and has become a passion I want to share with others one step at a time. In the words of an unknown author, “if to dance is to dream, then you make dreams come true.” I truly believe that, through volunteer efforts and dance, I can help make some little girl’s dream come true.

So, my dream and passion for dance has changed a bit. Instead of becoming a prima ballerina, my wish is to spread the art of dance into the hearts of little girls.

Einstein The Talking Parrot

Chau sent me this via email this morning!  Amazing bird.

Einstein is an African Grey Parrot and is the star of the Knoxville (TN) Zoo’s bird show.

If you want to read a terrific book (Fiction) dealing with genetically engineered animals, including one very smart parrot, read “Next” by Michael Crichton.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


ForCarol.com Mugs

What do you think?  Also thinking travel mugs for coffee!

Thanks to Jose at PDQ Promotions, Tracy, CA for this outstanding mug and for doing it in ONE day!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.