Noah Movie Review Movie Review 3-Watertowers (The Bible meets Transformers)


The cast is good,  the action is good,  the script leaves a lot to be desired.

Emma Watson rocks, and so does Russell  Crow as a slightly deranged Noah.

It was #1 in the box office this weekend.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

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“The Lego Movie” Movie Review




Other than a catchy tune, “The Lego Movie” is sleep inducing terrible.

the lego movieI fell asleep several times, and Lori took a nice relaxing snooze as well.  Leaving the movie several adults were talking about how awful it was.  One mimicked putting her finger down her throat. What the heck are the critics thinking?  Did they go see “The Lego Movie”, or just review it based on PR? I suspect the latter…..and people listen to them?  Sad.

What is this movie about?  As far as I can tell….ordinary people can be special.

How nice.

Why was this #1 for three weeks?  A mystery…..yuck….go see a good movie like “Non-Stop”. Don’t waste anymore money on this one.

Go to IMDb for more information (and a really whacked out rating of 8.4).  We slept through this movie in the comfortable new seats at the Tracy, CA CineMark.


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“Non-Stop” Movie Review

4.5 Watertowers Movie Reviews College Scholarships(Liam Neeson)



Bill Marks (played by Liam Neeson) is a depressed, alcoholic, chain smoking, air marshal who is deathly afraid of take-offs.

non stopOn a flight to London, Marks gets a text message on his secure cell phone (and network) telling him that every 20 minutes someone on the plane is going to die unless $150 million is deposited in a certain bank account.  Communicating with his boss on the ground, Marks is told that the bank account is in his name, and that he is now suspected of hijacking the flight.

Marks himself kills the first person, then two more die as Marks feverishly tries to figure out who the terrorist is out of the 150 occupants of the flight.  But….the passengers suspect him based on news reports that everyone is watching. Gotta love modern flight technology.

Liam Neeson is terrific.  “Non-Stop” is an intense, claustrophobic, thrilling, plane ride to find the true manipulator / killer.  The rest of the cast, including Julianne Moore, take a back seat to Neeson.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


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“The Monuments Men” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Reviews(Interesting History Lesson)



Based on a true story, this is a truly fascinating history lesson on how six brave men (none of whom are soldiers) save an incredible amount of cultural history including books, paintings, sculptures, etc. during WW II.

monuments menGeorge Clooney (as Frank Stokes) urges the President that there is a need for experts to go into the battlefield in the waning days of WW II to find and return precious, mostly one of a kind items that, if lost, would be lost to the world forever.

Stokes gets the go ahead, and recruits 6 highly qualified civilians to help him go find the items.  Matt Damon (James Granger) is the youngest (he has a heart problem which kept him out of the service), Bill Murray (as Richard Campbell), John Goodman (as Walter Garfield), Jean Dujardin (as Jean Claude Clermont), Hugh Bonneville (as Donald Jeffries), and Bob Balaban (as Preston Savitz).  In Europe they meet underground resistance member, Claire Simone (Cate Blanchett), who, after some convincing, comes to trust “The Monuments Men”.

“The Monuments Men” is an excellent movie.  The cast is terrific.  It is mostly good for the entire family however some battle scenes, and death, might be too intense for the little ones or faint of heart.

Overall, this is a terrific movie and one you should see to appreciate what art, books, sculptures we have today that could have been lost forever.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this movie at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


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“Ride Along” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Frenetic)



Kevin Hart (as Ben Barber)  is a wanna be policeman dating a real policeman’s (Ice Cube as Detective James Payton)  sister.

ride alongThe deal Payton makes with Barber is that he will get his blessing to marry his sister if he proves himself during a one day “Ride Along”.  Making life difficult for Ben, James asks the dispatcher to give them all the 126 calls, which are apparently disorderly conduct type calls, and a pain in the ass.

James wants Ben to fail.

Unfortunately for James….Ben manages, through a hilarious set of circumstances, to save the day. Oh….is that a spoiler?  Nah, you know what is going to happen from the first second, but, you don’t know how it all comes about.

We went to see this because we love Kevin Hart.  We were not disappointed.  He was fantastic, frenetic, and hilarious.  Ice Cube was more subdued.  Like Martin’s deadpan to Lewis’s crazy antics.  There are some parts that were totally hilarious even though you knew they were coming (like when he shoots the shotgun in the trailer…..).  It was also full of surprises and somewhat heartwarming.

Kevin Hart is a frenetic Robin Williams.

Great movie….must see. There is a reason why it has been #1 for three straight weeks…

For more information go to IMDb.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.

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“Saving Mr. Banks” Movie Review

5-Watertowers Movie Reviews College Scholarships(SUPERcalifragilisticexpialidocious)



A very interesting look into the behind the scenes work that is involved in making a movie from a book. Author of the “Mary Poppins” series,  the curmudgeonly P.L. Travers (played superbly by Emma Thompson), has been courted for 20 years by Walt Disney (the incomparable Tom Hanks) to sign over the rights of the books so he can fulfill a promise he made to his daughters.

saving mr banksPamela (errr, Mrs. Travers) is reluctant, but, is also out of money (and ambition) so she reluctantly agrees to travel to Los Angeles to see if Disney and her can come to some sort of agreement.

The battle of wills begins.

Mrs., as her driver, Ralph (the wonderful Paul Giamatti) calls her, defines the word stubborn. She nit-picks the script every inch of the way (No animation…this is not a word….).  We all know what happens, but, the process of getting to that point is a fascinating study in perseverance by one of the greats: Walt Disney himself.  He promised to make this movie, and he did all he could to make it happen, even if it took 20 years!

“Saving Mr. Banks” is the best movie of 2013. Good for the whole family and it brings back amazing memories of the classic “Mary Poppins”.  Bring tissue. The entire cast is tremendous. Colin Farrell, as Travers Goff, is outstanding and Thompson, Hanks, and Giamatti sparkle.

Must see.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.

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“Frozen” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Reviews(Wonderful)



Princess Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) has a special power.  She can summon ice, snow, and cold with the wave of her hands. She and her younger sister, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), have fun playing in the instant snow and making snowmen.

FrozenUnfortunately, Elsa is having a hard time controlling her power, and one day she hurts Anna.  Anna’s parents seek the help of magical trolls and Anna recovers, but, from that day on, for many years, Elsa keeps her distance from Anna to protect her.

When Elsa reaches age, she becomes Queen.  Again, her power becomes uncontrollable and she sends her kingdom into winter (this is July).  She runs away to the mountains and builds her own ice castle where she is finally free to use her power without restrictions.

Anna, and others not so nice, look for Elsa to bring her back and thaw the kingdom.

“Frozen” is fine for the entire family, and is the best animated film I have seen in years.  Very enjoyable with action and a moral: True love conquers all.

Must see.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark, and the theater was still busy 2 months after release.  I am pretty sure there will be a Frozen 2 at some point…


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe


“The Wolf of Wall Street” Movie Review Movie Review 3-Watertowers(Overly Long Debauchery)



Superlative acting dragged under by lack of editing.

wolfWhat started out crack-ling good, ended up being way too long.  As things started to get repetitious, cell phones started lighting up in the theater checking the time, and I actually looked at my phone wondering why we had to endure yet another overly long scene depicting Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) drug / sex / alcohol / greed excesses.  EDIT!  This movie would have been a 5 WaterTower had it stopped at 2 hours.  3 hours was torture…the same debauchery scenes that we already saw and knew.  We get it….stop already.  EDIT!

The story is simple: Great salesman, and talker, (Belfort / DiCaprio) starts a business selling penny stocks. He enlists a cadre of losers to help him. They make millions of dollars and enjoy unlimited sex, drugs, alcohol, and  then more greed.  Repeat often.  We get it…EDIT!

Let’s get to the performances.  DiCaprio (as a super greedy Long Island stock broker) is excellent (as always).  Jonah Hill (as his friend Donnie Azoff) has a set of creepy large white teeth and an equally creepy personality. He nails it. Matthew McConaughey (in a small part as Mark Hanna) is stupendous (he lights up the screen). Kyle Chandler (as FBI Agent Patrick Denham) is very Columbo-like with a smallish part. The rest of cast is equally accomplished. I mean, come-on….Rob Reiner….??….how can you go wrong?

Ah, I know….lack of EDITING!   EDIT!

Definitely NOT for kids.  F-words fly, naked women (boobs, butts, and bush (or shaved bush) galore), naked men (including an all man sex fest), simulated sex, masturbation (Jonah Hill’s weenie), drug use, and alcohol abuse….in abundance (over and over and over and over again….EDIT!).  I almost think the Director just wanted an excuse to have naked women running around the set…

Debauchery:  Extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this 3 hour movie at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Dreamy)



I read the short story and it was interesting.  The movie is a bit different, and obviously expanded, except for the fact that it deals with a somewhat timid man who escapes reality by daydreaming adventures.  In the short story, Walter is escaping his domineering wife, in the movie he is escaping his boring life.

walter mittyBen Stiller (as Walter Mitty) is perfect. Walter works at Life Magazine in it’s final days (assuming it’s final days are now, not 20 years ago) as it shifts to an online presence. Kristen Wiig (Cheryl Melhoff) is likewise perfect as Walter’s potential love interest at Life (and on eHarmony). Between them we, the audience, come to understand Walter’s life and character.

Sean Penn (as reclusive, secretive, old fashioned, Life photographer, Sean O’Connell) sends negatives of photographs for the last paper edition with special attention to negative 25.  Unfortunately, negative 25 is missing, prompting Walter to find it.

To find negative 25, Walter has to embark on a REAL adventure to find Sean. During his adventure, Walter comes out of his shell, and fills out his eHarmony profile with the help of Todd (Patton Oswalt) from eHarmony who calls Walter wherever he goes. THAT is very funny by the way.

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is an excellent movie. It is an interesting character study, a realistic look at a company being taken over by another company (yes, I have been there, done that), and a travel-log filled with spectacular scenery of Iceland (and Afghanistan).  I left the movie wanting more: More of the characters (Walter, Cheryl, and Sean), and most definitely more Iceland scenery.

OK for the entire family.  No cursing. Funny and touching with spectacular scenery…did I say that already?  :-)

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” Movie Review

2.5-Watertowers Movie Review(Stupid)



I liked the original Anchorman.  I did not like Anchorman 2.

anchorman 2Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrell) and crew are off the New York to join a groundbreaking news organization specializing in 24 hour news coverage.  GNN.

Stuck in the 2 AM to 5 AM slot, Ron unknowingly sets the news world on fire with his reporting of news people want to hear, not what the broadcasters want them to hear.  His ratings soar, as does his fame.

Unfortunately, being Ron Burgandy, there are perils and missteps the entire time.

“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is a stupid movie.  And not stupid in a good way.  I was bored, the jokes were not funny (maybe a few were), and the actors were loud, obnoxious, and down right irritating. Not for kids.

I did like the cameos in the final fight scene.  See how many famous celebrities you recognize. Also stay all the way thru the credits for the final bit (bite?).  Even that was not funny….at least to me.

I was disappointed.  I had read a lot of good reviews….again, I am against the grain.  Story of my life.  Also, those who really know me know my stupid sense of humor, you would think this movie would be perfect for me. For example, Mr. Bean rocks!

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark blissfully through a shooting at the Mall complete with SWAT teams and all. Scary times.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Movie Review

5-Watertowers Movie Reviews College Scholarships(The Adventure Continues)



The trilogy continues from page 123 to page 252 of the 330 page book read my review here:  “The Hobbit” by J.R. Tolkien.

the hobbit desolationIn this episode, the dwarves and Bilbo set out through the Mirkwood Forest on the, relatively safe, Elf path toward their destination of Lonely Mountain where Thorin will claim his throne from the dragon, Smaug.

As they enter the forest, Gandalf takes off on an adventure of his own that the movie follows but the book does not, leaving the band of 13 to themselves through the forest.

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is a grand adventure filled with stunning special effects and an interesting story line. My only complaint, and I made it in my review of movie #1 is the white Orc, and his legions, chasing them. Except for setting up the “Lord of the Rings” movies, and providing excuses for additional violence and action, it has no place. The movie, by following Gandalf’s trip down south also sets up the Rings movies.

Fantasy violence interspersed with humor and brilliant effects make this movie fine for kids and adults. No f-words, in fact no cussing at all that I remember.  Lots of action.  A thrill ride from beginning to end.

The audience in the theater LOVED the movie. They were loud and interactive throughout. They clapped wildly at the ending which, in my opinion, was PERFECT, and they stayed until the very end talking about what they had just seen. THAT kind of audience makes going to the movies really fun!

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe! Never Forget. Drive Safe

“Last Vegas” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Old Guys Do Vegas)



Hilarious if you are 50 plus and can relate to the humor.  Interestingly, two teens next to us were also laughing. I just don’t know if they were laughing at us…or the movie. I suspect it was us. Haha.

last vegasFour lifelong friends from Flatbush (The Flatbush 4) have moved on with their lives. They are getting old. One (Kevin Kline as Sam) has a new titanium hip (or, this year, is it a knee?), one (Morgan Freeman as Archie) is recovering from a stroke and worries his son, one (Robert De Niro as Paddy) is depressed over the death of his wife of 40 years, and one (Michael Douglas as Billy) is desperately trying to stay young by marrying a woman less than half his age.

The Flatbush 4 old version travel to Las Vegas for Billy’s bachelor party.  The jokes and situations that lead up to this event are hilarious. “I have hemorrhoids that are 32 years old”.  When they land in Las Vegas the old guys meet an older (but still very sexy) club singer (Mary Steenburgen as Diana) who turns the heads of both De Niro and Douglas (what?….he is supposed to be getting married!).

“Last Vegas” is a very funny movie.  Life does not stop in your 70′s…it just changes. Like Douglas says “5 minutes ago I was young, now I am old”. Scary because it is true. You will find out.

Not for kids or teens…sorry. Not for adults under 50. If you are over 50 or, better yet, over 60….you will LOVE it!  I loved it.

Go to IMDb for more information. We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe


Build Your Own App for Android or IOS


I bought a book on programming a few months back.  But….I decided I was just too damn old to learn all this stuff again.

I wished they had an app maker that was easy to use that worked well and did not require detailed programming knowledge.

Maybe one exists…or more than one.  As I was surfing the Internet today, I ran across this list on MASHABLE.  I will copy the first three (I hope they don’t mind…), then you have to visit the web site to see the rest.

I may give one or more a try….

If you’ve ever wanted to build an app for your business, blog, product or service, but the heavy investment of both time and money put you off, you’re not alone.

The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires thousands of dollars and months of work. There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app on a budget — quickly, and with no coding knowledge required.

With a small investment, you can create and manage your mobile site or application using one of the platforms listed below, and start reaping the advantages of offering your customers a dedicated mobile experience, including increased awareness, engagement and revenue.

  • 1. Appery


    Appery is a cloud-based mobile app builder that you can use to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and includes Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) with access to its built-in components.

    Since the builder runs in the cloud, there’s nothing to install or download, and it’s easy to get started quickly. It includes a visual editor using drag and drop components to build the UI. You can connect to any REST API and use it in your app, and instantly add a cloud database and backend to your app if you need to store data.

    You can add powerful functionality with the Appery plugin catalog, or create your own custom private plugins to use in your apps. Collaboration is simple, allowing you to share your mobile project with development teams, business users and customers in real time.

    Price: Plans start at Free and go up to $180 per month for Premium

  • 2. Mobile Roadie


    Mobile Roadie is an app creator that allows anyone to create and manage their own iOS or Android app. The platform supports all media types, with automatic importing of RSS, Twitter or Google News keywords, and an auto-refreshing fan wall through which users can chat with each other in real time.

    You can use the free Mobile Roadie Connect app to preview your app accurately, just as your users would on their devices. The app also guides you through the submission process, with Mobile Roadie checking the quality and appropriateness of your content.

    You can push content straight to your app and pull content from it to your own site or blog. The API is language agnostic, so you can pull data in a variety of formats, including XML, JSON, PHP, CSV and HTML. You can easily craft a custom look and feel for your app and apply that to all platforms, and use the suite of marketing tools once your app is launched.

    Price: Plans start at $125 per month (Core) and go up to $667 per month (Pro).

3. TheAppBuilder


TheAppBuilder provides a suite of apps to suit employees, clients, events and brochures, with two different approaches available. You can build the app using the online toolkit, and either the training provided or TheAppBuilder itself will work with you to define and build the structure of the app and populate it with initial content.

Using the dedicated AppLibrary, you can provide your users with a window into multiple apps and even customize it with your own branding. You can protect both public and private apps with usernames and passwords, and distribute them via the app store, making use of TheAppBuilder’s Active Directory integration to enable login with existing credentials and user groups.

Updating the structure and content of your apps is easy, even after you go live, because you can make unlimited updates and publish on multiple mobile platforms in one click. The platform supports native iPhone, iPad and Android, with updates going live within 60 seconds of submitting a change.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

“Delivery Man” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Surprisingly Good)



The trailer that was shown on TV did not do justice to this movie. In fact, if it was not for Vince Vaughn (as David aka “Starbuck”), we would not have gone to see it.  I’m glad we did, as “Delivery Man” was much better than I thought it would be: fun, heartwarming, and tender.

delivery manDavid made $24,000 one year visiting a sperm bank over 600 times. David has a big heart, but, is, lovably incompetent in life.  We find out later in the movie that he used the sperm bank money to send his parents to Italy (after they found out that his mother was diagnosed with a fatal illness).

David’s sperm was very strong. And the sperm bank broke the rules… using his sperm way too many times.  In fact, he is the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom are suing the sperm bank to find out who “Starbuck” is.

His lawyer and friend, Chris Pratt (as Brett) managed to get information on each of the 142 children, for the upcoming trial, which he gave to David with the instructions not to look at them.  David does and visits some of them, helping, and bonding with, them without them knowing that he is Starbuck.

“Delivery Man” is a really  good movie.  No f-words.  Bring tissue.  Vaughn and Pratt are terrific.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget Drive Safe


“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Movie Review

4.5-Watertowers Movie Reviews (WAY better than the book)



Where the book failed miserably, the movie succeeds beyond my wildest dreams. To think I almost did not want to go see it….what a mistake that would have been.  “Catching Fire” is a terrific movie providing the visuals and intensity that are almost completely lacking in the book.  Suzanne Collins is not J.K. Rowling or D.J. MacHale who both bring words to life….

catching fire movieKatniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) are now living in Victors Village in District 12. But, because they outsmarted the authorities (some say it was an act of defiance) allowing both of them to live (while the game-keeper lost his life) the Districts are in turmoil. Revolution is at hand, but, the strong armed tactics of the Capital are keeping it in check (with violence)….at least so far.

Katniss is threatened by President Snow (the brilliant Donald Sutherland), and, because she is the hope for freedom the Districts are looking for…..she needs to die.  But how?

The plan is hatched to use the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games to include all the most powerful winners of past Hunger Games.  After all, when they die (especially Katniss), surely the District’s population will see that the most powerful entity is the Capitol thus stopping any revolution.

“The best laid plans….”

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is a terrific movie. Engaging, engrossing, and visually stunning from beginning to end.  OK for the whole family except for (non-graphic) violence that you may not want the youngsters to see.  No f-words. The entire cast rocks especially Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson (as Haymitch) and Elizabeth Banks (as Effie).

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget Drive Safe

“About Time” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Heartwarming Tearjerker)



Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) turns 21 and has a heart-to-heart talk with his Dad (Bill Nighy). This is when Tim learns that he has the ability to travel back in time, with restrictions.

about timeTim gives it a try and finds that he can rectify some situations he missed out on.  His first time travel experiment finds him back a a New Years Eve party where he kisses the girl he only shook hands with the first time.

Tim meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and, via time travel, pursues Mary and eventually finds true happiness with her.

Although time travel is a good thing it comes with restrictions (all magic comes with a price).  For example, travelling back in time can really mess things up in the present, if done incorrectly. Tim accidentally finds this out, then travels back in time to ask his Dad how to fix this. His Dad informs of all the restrictions and the ultimate key for a happy life.

As in real life, not everything is perfect and “About Time” becomes a real tearjerker, so bring tissue.  An outstanding cast in an impeccable movie. No f-words that I remember but adult themes make it R rated.

Watch (listen) for several “Harry Potter” references.  Note: Domhnall Gleeson played Bill Weasley in Deathly Hallows I and II and is the real-life son of Mad-Eye Moody (Brendan Gleeson).

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

“Thor: The Dark World” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Fun)



The cast returns as the dark elves from long past are awakened.  They want the universe to be the way it was….dark….and have the opportunity with the convergence of the realms to destroy everything we know and love.

thor the dark worldBut wait a second….they have to contend with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and, with a much larger role, Darcy Lewis (played by the awesome Kat Dennings).

Seeing an anomaly in the universe, Jane Foster searches for Thor.  What she finds is a long hidden force that has the power to destroy the realms when the time is right.  Unfortunately for her, that force invades her body making her the object of desire for the dark elves.

“Thor: The Dark World” details the battle to save the universe. Unfortunately, some main characters die in the process.

Loki and Thor working together? Believe what you want….go see the movie…

Thor is a fun action movie.  No f-words and probably good for the whole family (although the action may be intense for the little ones).

Stay all the way through the credits

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

Guess the Candy

candy guessWe saw this in Parade Magazine one Sunday (yes, we still read the paper….).

Guess the candy.

The answers are upside down on the bottom of jpeg.




“Before Midnight” Movie Review

2-Watertowers(Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah)



“Is this over yet?”  “When is it going to end?”  Those were the conversation points while we were watching “Before Midnight”.

before midnight“Before Midnight” is the third in a series of movies (we did not know this until the movie was already purchased on VUDU and halfway thru).  Start with Before Sunrise, but, then again, don’t bother.

This movie has essentially 6 scenes……4 of which are excruciatingly boring.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy talk incessantly during a car ride.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….

Hawke and Delpy and several others  talk incessantly during dinner.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….

Hawke and Delpy talk incessantly during a walk to their hotel.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….

Hawke and Delpy (now topless)  talk incessantly (and argue) at the hotel.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….

Is this movie over yet?

F-words fly. Delpy exposes her boobs for an extended period and Hawke kisses and sucks on her nipples for awhile.  Not for kids.  Not for anyone.  Boring to the core.  On the bright side, this is the first time we have seen Ethan Hawke in a movie, and I actually came out liking him.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on VUDU.

To be fair…read “Dan The Man’s” review of this movie.  Also see his comment below.  :-)


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

“Captain Phillips” Movie Review

5-Watertowers Movie Reviews College Scholarships(Terrifying, Tense, Terrific)



The best movie of the year.

captain phillipsTom Hanks (as Captain Phillips) is outstanding and should get an Oscar nod.  The four first-time actors who played the Somali pirates are equally convincing….especially Barkhad Abdi who played Muse.  Can a first-time actor get an Oscar?  Abdi would be my choice…he was awesome.  Wow.

Based on true events, the movie simply follows Captain Phillips as he leaves home in Vermont on an assignment off the coast of Africa piloting a merchant ship carrying food and other goods to Kenya (I believe).

Reading his emails, Captain Phillips decides to up security and start having drills almost immediately after getting under way.  Simultaneously, they spot the pirates approaching.   Evasive actions work for a little while, but, Muse turns out to be stubborn and intelligent.  His persistence pays off as he and three compatriots capture the monstrous, unarmed, cargo ship.

What happens next is terrifying, tense, and terrific. Movie-making at it’s best.   “Captain Phillips” is worth every penny you spend going to the movies, but, make sure your heart is strong enough to participate.  Heart pounding-ly intense until the final minute.

I do not remember any f-words, but, the action was so intense I was not paying that much attention to anything but gripping my chair.

Must see.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget

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