Get Real Behind the Wheel

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In 2007, Tracy, CA experienced a horrific car accident in front of West High.  I remember that day like it was yesterday…hey I’m old.

One teenager was killed, three others severely injured.   From that accident came “Get Real Behind the Wheel”.

From last weeks accident, came  Similar goals, one is established, one just starting.  I will see how fits into existing programs or what niche (look it up!) will fill.

I write….I teach….I’m an engineer with a lot of engineer friends….technology may be an answer, or maybe not.  Time will tell….in the meantime be good, drive safe, and use your brain.  For Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby.

Here is a video I grabbed from the Get Real web site (it is pretty long…so I will watch it when I get the energy).

Parents:  CURFEW !!!  It is better to argue with your teen, than bury them.

Get Real Behind The Wheel,t=1,mt=video
Get Real Behind The Wheel — Safe Teen Driving | MySpace Video


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