Drive Safe!

Anti-Texting Laws: Help or Hurt?

There have been some recent news articles and reports that the recent ban on texting while driving may actually be increasing the accident rate!

Now instead of holding the cell phone up so the driver can still see the road, they are putting it out of sight….and thus taking their eyes off the road completely.

Two things:

1. If you text and drive you are completely, utterly, STOOPID !  Warn people to NEVER drive with you….

2. Turn off your cell phone when driving.  This way you won’t be distracted by binging, ringing, or singing when a new message, or call, or email, or Facebook update, or Tweet,  comes in.

Here is a cool (informative) article on Texting and Driving by the IEEE Spectrum Magazine.

What is IEEE?  I used to belong (until the costs went thru the roof):  They are the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.   I are one…an electrical engineer, that is.

Nerd and proud of it!

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