$50 For the Best Slogan

OK…..listen up.

We already have a few slogan ideas from some teens.  Send in more, and starting October 15, 2010 we will start the voting process.  If we get a lot of slogans, the voting will be like the NCAA tournament and each vote will last a week.

Soooooooo….add your best slogan for this web site (and maybe for hats and T-shirts) and possibly win $50…..should I make it $100?  We will see…..

May the best slogan win….see others on the comments on the “Teens Help” page somewhere up top….

Pass the word….

I’m thinking of having a pizza (& soda), games, music and dancing, computer surfing, movie party for all of you (and me!) here one Saturday afternoon in November?  Maybe $2.00 to help me cover the cost?  If you are interested in this comment below!  About 30 people max….


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