Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

If you go see this movie….write a quick review and I’ll post it here (or just comment below).  You’ll be famous!

Drive Safe!  No distractions…

One comment

  • Me, My sister and her Boy Friend went to see it on Saturday, We were both disappointed at the first one as we didn’t find anything in it to make us jump or cower in fear in any sort of way… The 2nd installment is a little better then the 1st fortunately. It had several “BOO!” type scare moments, and better explained the first movie. It’s more fun to see it with a crowded theatre because hearing everyone elses shrieks make it more worth it and add to the excitement… All 3 of us slept soundly that night but I have a few friends that claim to be afraid of being home alone at nights because of it. Out of 1-10 (1 being bad, 10 being great) i’d give it a 6… The beginning was long and boring, The middle was alright and the ending was bad. I can’t see this movie being any good at home (when it comes out on DVD) as most of the “scary” moments were caused by loud noises.

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