Memorial at the Gateway Business Park?

Photo courtesy of the Tracy Press

I saw the groundbreaking ceremony in the Tracy Press this morning (yes…it is Friday as I write this) and wondered if the City could plan a cool memorial (for example, a Quad with flowers and 4 benches (like at Lincoln Park), or whatever fits, but something nice) at the Gateway Business Park.

I see this as a LASTING tribute to our friends and one that is close to where it happened.

Since we really don’t know who will be Mayor yet…be sure to vote NEXT WEEK….I figured it would be good to get an idea from YOU what you think?

Is this memorial a good idea…..or not?

Answer the poll question below and make comments (you know how) to add to your thoughts what it should look like, etc.

As always, idiots are not welcome and will be trashed.


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