Memorial Car Decals Update

Kacey (good luck in the Air Force…exciting times ahead, and great times!), Travis, Mariah….and others who designed, and sold, the car stickers a BIG:

THANK YOU !!!!  You are AWESOME.

Kacey just left us $500 to be split:  $250 to the Bitticks, $125 to Carol’s Mom, and $125 to the Hoovlers.

I’ll go with Lori to deliver the money and also chat with the families to see if they might want the Memorial I am working with the city of Tracy to try to get….

Give us your opinion of the Memorial idea here the more votes we get….the better:

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Oh yeah….Kacey left a bunch of stickers here (95 W. 11th Street, Suite 205).  Stop by to grab one and show your love for Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby.


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