“Morning Glory” Movie Review

“Morning Glory” Movie Review

Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Patrick Wilson all rock in “Morning Glory”.  We wanted to see this in the movies, but, did not, so we watched it on VUDU.

McAdams was expecting a promotion at her job, but when she went in to meet with the boss he laid her off.  Ouch.  Her job search finally landed her at IBS (irritable bowel syndrome?…how funny)  working with their last place, very boring, morning show “Daybreak”.  She immediately fires the male co-anchor (he needed to get back to “Modern Family” anyway) and must find another without spending a dime.

Harrison Ford is at the end of a great news career.  Rachel scours his contract and finds out that he could lose $6 million and be released from his contract if he does not get an on-air gig shortly.  She offers him the male co-anchor spot on Daybreak.

The problem is, Ford only wants to do serious news, not, fluff.  But he shows up anyway…”for the money”.

Rachel McAdams is perky, energetic,  and a complete workaholic.  She and Wilson hook up, but, her need to never miss a scoop or news story strains the budding romance.  On the brink of cancellation, McAdams brings new life to Daybreak, but, is it too late?

Diane Keaton is the ultimate professional willing to do what needs to be done to improve ratings.

Harrison Ford is a sour, self serving, curmudgeon, refusing to do anything other than hard news.

Until one day, when everything changes….

Rent it!

This is a wonderful, fun, movie and, oh yeah, Rachel McAdams is h-o-t.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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