Snipping Tool in Windows 7

My favorite tool on Wiondows 7 has got to be, by far, the Snipping Tool.

The only problem is….the only screen capture I can’t grab with Snipping Tool is the Snipping Tool window itself.

How funny is that?

If you are reading this blog…or just browsing it…you have seen MANY pictures on it that I grabbed (and saved as a JPEG) using Snipping Tool.

Look familiar?

Here is one I grabbed from Facebook.  Chau has a really cool T-shirt to wear now…a bit big, but, I have a smaller version (the more colorful one) here for her when she visits again.  🙂

Snipping Tool is VERY easy to use and if you write a blog or work with images…Snipping Tool is essential!

Where is it?  Go to the “Start” menu then do a search for “Snipping Tool”.  I use it so much it is part of my daily life.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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