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“Cowboys & Aliens” Movie Review

 (intriguing mix, great action, scary aliens)

With all the negative reviews I have been hearing…I was hesitant to go see “Cowboys & Aliens” in the movies.  Truthfully…I have no idea what movie those other people watched….I saw a GREAT movie!

There are three unique aspects of “Cowboys & Aliens”:

1. It is, as advertised, a Western with Aliens…that in itself is very cool.

2.  It is surprisingly understated.  There is dialogue only where dialogue is absolutely necessary.  The actors, act, with their expressions, their actions, and their eyes.  Very cool.

3. The movie is very book like.  You know nothing in the beginning other than the fact that Daniel Craig (as Jake Lonergan) woke up in the middle of nowhere, with no memory, and with a bracelet on his left wrist.  How he came to be there, with the bracelet, and who he is, is left for us to discover…page by page…scene by scene as the mystery unfolds.  Awesome!

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford (as Woodrow Dolarhyde), and Oliva Wilde (as the mysterious Ella Swenson) are majorly great.

Go see it!   Two hours of action, Aliens, Cowboys, Indians, good guys, bad guys, and several slowly unfolding plot lines.

“Cowboys & Aliens” is rated PG-13.  It is pretty violent including some spurting blood (which surprised me actually).  It may be a bit intense for the little kids, but tweens and teens should love it (as well as adults).  No f-words.  In fact, not a whole lot of talking at all.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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