Geek Christmas Gifts 2013

christmas time

Here is the 4th annual nerd / geek Christmas list.  Built by a nerd for nerds.

Merry Geekmas.


Click the link to order or find more information.

Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

Sheldon is not insane as we all know…his mother had him tested.

im not insane t shirt

Star Trek Hoodie

Show all your gangsta friends just how damn cool YOU are in your Star Trek Hoodie.

star trek hoodie

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter

Use your smartphone to fly your very own helicopter….errr quadricopter.  I saw Terry Bradshaw playing with one of these one Sunday during football!  Very cool, he was nerding out.


Nest Learning Thermostat

I posted this last year (or the year before) but Santa has still not delivered my smart thermostat.  What is his problem?


GoPro HD Cameras

These are awesome.  Just don’t get too close… may want plastic surgery.

GoPro camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear

Imagine…just as I dumped my watch, they return!  Dick Tracy lives!

galaxy note and gear

Pebble Watch

Speaking of watches…here is one I know some geek friends have.

pebble watch

Audi R8

When you are done geeking out, go for a ride in this car.  Wow.  Only $114,000.  Piece of cake.


Game of Thrones Map

I finished reading all the books (see my reviews here) and having a map handy really helps understand where everyone is and where they are going.  Here is some helpful advice: Don’t fall in love with any character….even though I like Arya, Bran, Dany, and yes even Tyrion.  And, spoiler (run your mouse over the next part): they are all still alive after the current books are done…

game of thrones map

Sony XBR 4k HDTV

When 1080 x 1920 resolution just doesn’t hack it for you anymore.  Get 4 times the resolution (2,160 x 3,840) with the LED Sony XBR HDTV.  Geek to TV my friends!

4k sony hdtv


The graphics on this look awesome.  I will have to go find one in the stores to play.

xbox one

Automatic (Car Diagnostic Tool)

Plug this into your car’s diagnostic port and let your smartphone tell you how shitty you are driving.  It also can tell you why your engine light is on (duh….get your car serviced!).  Seriously though…it CAN make a phone call to 911 if you happen to be in an accident.  This is something I wanted since Carol died.  (See the “About” page of this blog).



Plug this into an HDMI port on your HDTV and watch videos or listen to music streamed from your computer or smartphone.  Why do I need this?  Dunno yet, but, it seems cool.


Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe


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