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On Saturday Sept 18, 2010, four wonderful Tracy kids lost their lives in a senseless automobile accident. One was our lovely, intelligent friend, Carol Phan.


In her honor, was founded to help Tracy, CA residents by:

1. Providing a yearly $1,000 college scholarship to a Tracy High IB / Ag Sci scholar with a 3.5 GPA or above and has been accepted to a 4 year college or university.

2. Providing classroom supplies (“Fill-the-Bag”) with help from local small businesses and, if donations allow, money for supplies, books, in-class assistance, and / or tools (whiteboards, computers, etc) for Tracy, CA teachers.

3. NEW Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in-class enrichment program (Lecture & Lab) for Grades 4 and 5.

4. NEW Encourage literacy in Tracy, CA by dropping books off around town for people to pick up and read. (Books courtesy of

5. Helping to raise awareness of unsafe teen driving.

6. Helping to raise awareness of the need for parents to enforce curfews.

More…..visit our About page.



All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE as we are a 501c3 nonprofit.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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