Photo Contest 2016

Photography Contest 2016

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One of Our Judges: Connie

The contest for 2016 is closed….but, donations are always welcome.

Win $150!  

For a $5.00 nonrefundable entry fee (for each entry) you can submit a high resolution photo (any theme) of your best photograph to be judged by our professional judges to determine the winner. Go to this page to see the submissions.

Deadline for submissions is by Jan 31, 2016.

The winners will be announced in Feb 2016. 

Rewards / Prizes for the Winners

The winner of the professionally judged contest will win $150

The winner of the visitor views / votes will win $50

Visitors can go to the photo submission page to vote for their favorite.

Contest Rules

No limit on the number of entries per person, but, each entry requires a nonrefundable $5.00 donation to, Inc.

After the winners have been chosen,, Inc. will post the winning photographs prominently on, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more…..

Who Can Enter?

Anyone in the U.S. can enter (except those involved in the judging). We will never discriminate. Complete fairness to everyone is the rule. The judges will not know who submitted the photo (so make sure there are no watermarks on them, if there are, I will not submit them). No plagiarism will be tolerated.

Photoshop use is a talent….go for it.

Get started by donating here, and I will send you an email from to get the process rolling.


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