Pokemon Go

pokemon go 3

Last week a new app, Pokemon Go, was released that has caused quite a stir worldwide.

Suddenly, kids of all ages are up off the couch meeting new (or old) friends in the great outdoors while chasing Pokemon around town, campus, etc. In the process Nintendo has racked up approximately $9 Billion dollars in revenue. Wow!

As “kids” are chasing this latest, augmented reality (see here for more info on AR) version of Pokemon, there are bad elements that they need to be aware of:

  1. Be smart where you walk to catch one of these things. Thieves, pedophiles, etc. may be lurking. Don’t go to sketchy places….be aware of your real surroundings.
  2. Watch where you are walking and don’t cross the street without picking your head up to look both ways.
  3. Most important (to us):  Don’t drive and look at your phone!  Wait until you park.

Enjoy this fad while it lasts!  I am sure more AR apps will be coming soon.

Drive Safe! Never Forget


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