STEM Educational Products: StemBox

“Each month StemBox delivers hands-on STEM learning to girls 7-13. Girls also receive exposure to some of today’s most inspiring women in STEM through educational videos and interviews.”

StemBox Web site

Here is an example of a StemBox you can purchase from the web site.

The Shark Box


This box contains all the materials your students need to learn about sharks!  Here is the product description:

This StemBox Shark Box includes four experiments, some of which researchers use on real life ocean expeditions to learn more about sharks. Using our new shark friend Ruby, steminists will learn how to measure shark dimensions, attach tags to Ruby that relay important data, plot GPS coordinates of sharks on a map using newfound cartography skills, and recreate the effect of tapetum lucidium found in shark eyes. All of these experiments contribute to the understanding of why sharks are such an important apex predator in our oceans, their role in ocean food webs, and what we can do at home to keep the ocean safe and clean for all marine life. Check out our box resources page for more information:

The Sharks web page provides a lot of information related to the StemBox including video lessons, interviews with scientists, and links to more information.

Here is a 14 minute YouTube video lesson on Sharks:

And here is an interview with the Shark Scientist:

Very cool!  🙂

Drive Safe!  Never Forget



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