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“Greenfingers” Movie Review

Colin Briggs (Clive Owen) is transferred from his current prison to a new progressive prison where the prisoners are allowed freedom, yes, they can simply walk away should they so choose.  The prisoners are given jobs that will train them for a trade when (if) they are released.

Colin did not care what job he had, so Governor Hodge (Warren Clarke) gave him the bathroom cleanup job.  Nasty!

But old timer, Fergus Wilks (David Kelley) who is dying from cancer and will never be released, gave Colin a bag of violet seeds that winter as a gift of friendship.

Colin planted them in the dead of winter and in the spring…..beautiful violets emerged and so did a new “job” for a select few prisoners: Gardening.

Reading Georgina Woodhouse’s (Helen Mirren) book on gardening, Colin and Fergus and their team, built wonderful gardens……prize winning worthy gardens.


With Georgina and her daughter, Primrose’s (Natasha Little), help, the prison gardener’s entered the most prestigious gardening contest of the year.

“Greenfingers” is a fun, R-rated, story based on real life prison gardeners. Not for kids as there are f-words, criminality, nudity, sex, and lots and lots of blooming flowers.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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