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“Toast” Movie Review and Trailer

A true story based on the life of food writer and chef Nigel Slater.

As a boy, Nigel (Oscar Kennedy), was not allowed to eat fresh food.  His asthmatic mother (Victoria Hamilton) only bought food in a can (tin) and, most of the time, warmed the cans up in boiling water.

Nigel yearned for more. In fact, over time, he became obsessed with food, and food preparation.

Unfortunately, Nigel’s mom passed away and as older Nigel (Freddie Highmore) entered high school he signed up for home economics where he learned how to cook and had an oven to use to cook his creations.

Nigel’s father (Ken Stott) met another woman, Mrs. Potter (how funny is that, Helena Bonham Carter) who was a great cook. Nigel and her competed for Dad’s stomach and attention, to the point of becoming enemies.

When his Dad died, Nigel was finally old enough and free to do what he pleased, so he left home to become….well, Nigel Slater.  🙂

“Toast” refers to Nigel’s moms inability to cook and to make toast when her attempts failed.  Nigel loved the toast and his mother.

“Toast” is an interesting but sad movie. Very slow to develop but after Freddy Highmore shows up, it perked up considerably. Unfortunately, that was closer to the end than the beginning. “Where is Freddy Highmore” was uttered several times while we were watching…..

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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