“Daddy’s Home 2” Movie Review

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Catch Up:

Brad (Will Ferrell) is married to Dusty’s (Mark Wahlberg) ex-wife, Sara (Linda Cardellini).  Dusty and Sara had two kids, while Brad and Sara have one.

Brad’s Dad is Don (John Lithgow).

Dusty is married to Karen (Alessandra Ambrosio) who has a daughter with her ex, Roger (John Cena).

daddys home 2 4


Dusty’s Dad is Kurt (Mel Gibson).

Don is a touchy feely loving caring person not afraid to lip kiss or hug his son and everyone else in the family.  Just like Brad.

Kurt is a rough and tough mans man who would rather beat you up than kiss you or show any emotion.  Just like Dusty.

But Dusty is changing to a more loving person, thanks to his “co-dad” Brad.

Kurt and Don have both decided to visit during Christmas which causes a bit of a dilemma as the blended families decide to celebrate their first ever “Together Christmas”.

Kurt rents a beautiful house that the whole family can use for Together Christmas, and that is when the “fun” begins in earnest.

“Daddy’s Home 2” is sometimes hilarious, sometimes dull, but ultimately a touching sequel to “Daddy’s Home”.  A fun way to spend a couple of hours this Christmas.  No Oscars here, just crazy fun slapstick and good times (well, mostly). 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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