STEM/STEAM: Virgin Atlantic Takes an Airplane into Space

Ignoring the hype, pomp, bluster, and PR bullcrap……Virgin Atlantic (Richard Branson) kicked some STEM / STEAM ass today by taking an airplane (one with wings….not a rocket) into space (and then landed on a runway) !!!!!

Lost in the hype is amazing technology and, in my opinion, a groundbreaking step in the direction of spaceflight. Who’s to say that this kind of an airplane (with wings) can’t just go….hey……to the moon? All it takes is imagination, money, and technology.

Next week, Bezos will go up in a more traditional rocket……boring. 😉

Watch this video then go to this link where I talk about seeing the very first Space Shuttle flight in the Sears TV department in the 1970’s. Another slightly groundbreaking event. 😉

Geek on! “Make it so….”

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

More STEM/STEAM stuff….

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