Adopt the Class of Your Choice

Tori and Joan from North Elementary

Fill out our NEW really cool form then select a class from the pulldown list below to adopt….I will connect you to the Teacher and you both decide how best to proceed.

Your name  or business (including URL) and your adopted class will be listed on the “Adopt a Class” page.

Classes Requesting Adoption

Andrea Easley, 3rd Grade, Jacobson

Duane Voller, 1st Grade, Villa

Leilani Case, 3rd Grade, North (1 adoption)

Tina Demarest, Kindergarten, Villa

Txe Kolstad, 2nd Grade, Jacobson

Tammy Peterson, 5th Grade, George Kelly

Kelly Russell, 4th Grade, Villalovoz

Sheila Holloway, 4th/5th Combo, Jacobson (1 adoption)

Veronica Knight, 6th Grade, North

Julie Miller, 3rd/4th Combo, Jacobson

Rowena Isip, 1st Grade, Jacobson

Celia Stime, K-8 Music, George Kelly

Gurleen Kaur, 8th / Science, George Kelly

Tina Brown, 6th Grade, George Kelly

Debbie Schaf, 4th Grade, George Kelly

Monica Hill, 2nd Grade, George Kelly

Michelle Finnegan, 2nd Grade, George Kelly

Bev Pieretti, 1st Grade, George Kelly

Sharon Shiroma-Lee, 1st-2nd Combo, Jacobson

Myesha Ryan, 4th Grade, George Kelly

Eden Matelski, 1st Grade, George Kelly

Mary Grove, Kindergarten, George Kelly (1 adoption)

Eve Gallegos, 7th Grade, George Kelly

Victoria Klug, 3rd Grade, North

Cristi Cameron, 1st Grade, North (1 adoption)

Joan Juarez, 2nd Grade, North

Lisa Collinsworth, 1st Grade, Monticello

Michele Johnson, K-2 SDC, Monticello (1 adoption)

Amber Freitas, 1st Grade, Monticello

Dana Roberson, 2nd Grade, Villalovoz (1 adoption)


Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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