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The Future of Glass by Corning

Carol’s mom sent me an email this morning with the link to this video.  VERY COOL. For those who care, I also posted a blog entry on my Technical Blog ( with this video, but, talking about the collaboration, video conferencing, aspects of the Corning vision.  You can […]

Pepsi Commercial Very Funny

When I was growing up, Patty, our next door neighbor and closest person I ever had to a “sister” loved Pepsi.  Since that is all I was given to drink when our families sat out under the tree in her backyard, I too, always loved Pepsi. Carol’s mom […]

Ford MyKey

I have been ranting since Sept. 18, 2010 about the need for cars to ID the driver and limit the speed of the car, think for the driver when it comes to SEATBELT usage, etc. depending on who is driving. Someone (I’m am getting her name) emailed me […]

Shish Carbob

Carol’s Mom forwarded me these pictures.  The email she forwarded suggests that the person may have been texting… When you drive, you need to pay attention! Take a look at the Shish CARbob…..sure hope no passengers were in the car. Drive Safe!  Never forget.    

Distracted Driving

If a driver is not paying attention their driving…they are distracted.  It could be a passenger they are talking to, or, more likely a cell phone they are talking on or, stupidly, texting. There are new national programs to raise the awareness of “distracted driving”. Here are a […]

Drive Safe Video

Playing around with text to video app again on Monday (yesterday). Make a video and send it to me!  Any topic.  I’ll post it here and you will be famous! There is no way to embed this code on (security reasons).  Xtranormal’s YouTube upload also does […]