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iPad Uses

Friend Dave Gardner posted this on FB.  HILARIOUS iPad usage video.  OMG (5 WaterTowers!!!) Scary thing is….I am about the same age as the old dude!  ENJOY! – – Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Tracyite E.J. Sings

OMG…..E.J.’s mom is an AltamontCowork member.  Check out this video.  AWESOME!!  I told her country is the only way!  🙂  What do you think???? Gotta tell ya….Tracy, CA is a hot bed for singing talent. Megan Slankard, Tara Tinsley, some guy named MC Hammer, and now E.J. Watch […]

Beautiful Paths

Chau sent me an email a few days ago with most of these pictures of beautiful paths.  As luck may have it, Facebook friend, and Tracy Press Photographer, Glenn Moore posted the picture below of the path to the famous UFO landing site in Tracy, CA.  I asked […]

Five Funny Commercials

Chau sent me a link to a commercial the other day.  It was funny, but then I saw this one listed on the side (Hmmm, I wonder what caught my attention?)….VERY FUNNY but if you are easily offended or innocent….like me…do not watch!  🙂 – – Drive Safe! […]