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Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm (BRAD)

I saw this video on Facebook. Sure hope Derek does not mind me reposting it here for all our readers.  🙂 VERY COOL, VERY CREATIVE. […]

13 Most Useful and Useless College Majors

Kristen (my daughter and Carol’s best friend for those who don’t know) sent me this link last night….very interesting. The most useful, and useless, college […]

Wingless Man Flies Like an Angel

Chau sent me this video earlier today. Illusionist Criss Angel flies between buildings with no apparent support. Can it be?  Very cool….. – – Drive […]

iPad Uses

Friend Dave Gardner posted this on FB.  HILARIOUS iPad usage video.  OMG (5 WaterTowers!!!) Scary thing is….I am about the same age as the old […]

You Can’t Please Everyone

Chau sent me this via email a few days ago. Very appropriate lesson to learn…. 🙂 —   — Drive Safe!  Never Forget.  

“High School vs College and Home vs Dorm” by Caitlin Dong

Here is a BRAND NEW blog entry from Caitlin Dong,’s 2011 College Scholarship  winner. Caitlin is now attending U.C. Berkeley (….Berzerkeley….I just had to […]

Cute Animal Pictures

Chau sent these (and a lot more..) to me via email last night….very cute animal pictures. Enjoy! Like our Movie Reviews?  Help us help local […]

Tracyite E.J. Sings

OMG…..E.J.’s mom is an AltamontCowork member.  Check out this video.  AWESOME!!  I told her country is the only way!  🙂  What do you think???? Gotta […]

Angry Birds at Stonehenge

This did NOT come from Chau, surprise, surprise….instead it was a FB post by Dave Gardner. VERY FUNNY! – Drive Safe! Never Forget.

Jokes for the Week

Chau sent me these very FUNNY, sometimes RAUNCHY, jokes a few days ago. BEWARE:  Do not read these jokes if you are easily offended. – […]

Beautiful Photographs from Vietnam

Chau sent me these photographs from Vietnam a few days ago….enjoy! – We love you Carol – Drive Safe!  Never Forget.