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Live a Life That Matters

Chau sent me this Powerpoint presentation the other day.  The message is powerful. Interestingly, last night at Barnes & Noble I overheard a person (I know this person) giving advice to a Tracy High student.  In that advice, the person told the student not to listen to her […]

Funny One Liners

Chau sent me these last night via email….very funny but not politically correct (hmmmm, that is what makes them so funny!)  Just like Congress!  :-)))) Enjoy! — I asked my new girlfriend what sort of books she’s interested in, she said: Check Books — Q: What is the […]

iPad2 Raffle

iPad 2 Raffle ***TIME SENSITIVE***  TELL YOUR TRACY, CA FRIENDS TODAY!   TIME EXTENDED!!!!!! Donate $15.00 for one ticket and have a chance to win a REALLY COOL 16gig, WiFi, Apple iPad2. All the money raised from this raffle will go for college scholarships and classroom supplies for Tracy, […]

Classroom Supply Shopping SPREE

Teachers Joan Juarez (with her kids!) and Tori Klug from North Elementary School in Tracy, CA went with me on a shopping SPREE yesterday to Staples in Tracy for school supplies. Great fun! had gotten an extra $60.00 in donations and Tori and Joan jumped at the […]


Facebook friend Ryan Ng, at UC Berkeley, posted something about NYAN.  I did a Google search and found this video.  Can you believe over 41 million views!?  And I try to put up stuff of importance (maybe just to me! haha) and get three views….fool me.  🙂 – […]

Teenage Brains

I read an article in National Geographic this month about the complexities of the teenage brain.  The entire story can be read there, but, I’ll quote a bit of it here.  It is a VERY good article, and very appropriate to this web site’s message! Beautiful Brains Moody. […]

Keith Urban Sacramento, CA

Once again Keith Urban rocked Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA….err, Power Balance Pavilion. My little camera’s audio capability sucks, but, the video is ok.  Hmmmm, I need to design a “concert” camera. One that can take great pictures and movies in the dark, and has high quality automatic […]