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Movie Box Office Results December 7 – 9 2018

Three weeks at #1 for “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. 🙂


“Ralph Breaks the Internet” Movie Review

Ralph and Vanellope venture into the unknown Internet and find…

“Avengers: Endgame” Movie Trailer #1

Avengers 4 now has a title and a trailer: “Avengers: Endgame” will be in theaters in April 2019.

“Aquaman” Movie Trailer

“Aquaman” will land in theaters December 21, 2018

“Captain Marvel” Official Trailer #2

Captain Marvel trailer #2 just dropped last night. Who’s ready? ME!!!!

Movie Box Office Results November 30 – December 2 2018

“Ralph Broke the Internet” again this week landing at #1 for the second week in a row.

“Murder on the Orient Express” Movie Review

Famous detective Hercule Poirot tries to find a killer on the Orient Express. So much for a relaxing vacation….

“Bumblebee” Movie Trailer

Coming to theaters Dec 21, 2018. The beginning….

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” Movie Trailer

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” will arrive in theaters 11/21/18 just in time for Thanksgiving Day! 

Movie Box Office Results November 16 – 18 2018

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” takes #1 this magical weekend before Thanksgiving.