Category: Fun

  • Intelligence Test Quizzes

    Here is one of several quizzes sent to me by Carol’s mom.   I’ll post more over the next few weeks.  This one should be super easy. To pass it, you only need 4 correct answers out of 10….easy, huh? Good luck. At the end of this post, I will have a link to a PDF with…

  • Email is so old school

    If you use email, like me, you are soooo old. Today’s teens, tomorrows adults, appear to be killing email by their exclusive use of texting.  I mean who the heck has time to write an email, put in the subject, find contacts to send it to, then sign the email:  “Thanks, Mike”. Immediate gratification is…

  • Viking Metrodome Roof Collapse

    Cool video.

  • Giving From The Heart 2010

    Volunteered as to take pictures at the annual “Giving From the Heart” Christmas at the Great Plate in Tracy, CA. Kids and parents (and volunteers) had a great time!  The pictures (and video) say it all.  (click on the picture to make it bigger). Santa Arrived!

  • 12 or 13 ?

    Carol’s mom sent me this….are there 12 or 13 people?  It moves…so wait about 10 seconds before deciding.  🙂   Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Tara Tinsley on Tour

    Local Tracy, CA musician, Tara Tinsley, is planning a USA tour in the Spring of 2011. Go to her Facebook page for all the details. Help support Tara on her way to stardom.  🙂 Drive Safe!  Never forget.

  • Cheating Death

    Carol’s mom sent me this…it is actually very interesting.  A lot of people just missed losing it all to, mostly, drivers not driving safe. Drive Safe!  Never forget.  

  • San Francisco 2010

    The day after Thanksgiving it is our tradition to head out to the big city, San Francisco, for a day of sightseeing. Yeah….even though we live so close, sightseeing in SF is an amazing experience.  We visited the Hyde Street Pier for the first time!  Next time, I will pay to get on the boats.…

  • “Sail Away” Tara Tinsley

    Tara is a local Tracy, CA resident following in the musical footsteps of Megan Slankard (we used to go to the Mall and listen to Megan sing…for free!)  and several others. Visit Tara’s Facebook page, and YouTube page. Let’s give her all our support! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.