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“Tangled” Movie Review

“Tangled” Movie Review “Tangled” is definitely for kids.  BUT….if you are a kid (or like me, just want to be) you will love this movie. Lots of action, humor, sticky situations, betrayal, and unlikely heroes.  Oh yeah….and a horse that thinks it’s a dog.  Very funny.

“Scoop” Movie Review

“Scoop” Movie Review With Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, and……sigh, Scarlet Johansson……how could you go wrong?  You can’t. In the 2006 “Scoop”,  journalism student Johansson is visited by a legendary reporter who happens to be dead (Ian McShane).  This reporter tells Scarlet that Hugh Jackman is the much sought […]

Movie Review: “Red”

While most people were watching Jackass 3D….we went to see a bunch of old, retired, CIA agents kick some major butt in “Red” (Retired Extremely Dangerous…just like ME!). Awesome movie…5 WaterTowers…. Since I am a spy’s killing and murder fan (see my Book Review Blog) this movie was […]