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  • Installing Two New Tires

    If you only need two new tires….where would you mount them on your car? Watch this cool video to find out. Never Forget!  Drive Safe!

  • $50 For the Best Slogan

    OK…..listen up. We already have a few slogan ideas from some teens.  Send in more, and starting October 15, 2010 we will start the voting process.  If we get a lot of slogans, the voting will be like the NCAA tournament and each vote will last a week. Soooooooo….add your best slogan for this web […]

  • Stop Sign (Does anyone Stop at a Stop Sign in Tracy?)

    While my wife was in the new Baskin-Robbins the other night (getting me ice cream!).  I was sitting in the car watching the cars run right thru the 4 stop signs on the roads coming in and out of the Save Mart Shopping Center. I saw maybe 100 cars total in that short time span […]

  • LifeHammer

    Unfortunately, Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby ended up in the water. A very small, not very deep, canal.  For whatever reason, we hope the CHP will tell us what they think happened when they issue their final report, they could not get out of the car. There is a tool that my neighbor showed me, […]

  • Get Real Behind the Wheel

    Click here for information on the next event. In 2007, Tracy, CA experienced a horrific car accident in front of West High.  I remember that day like it was yesterday…hey I’m old. One teenager was killed, three others severely injured.   From that accident came “Get Real Behind the Wheel”. From last weeks accident, came […]

  • Drive Safe!

    What are some ways you don’t drive safe? 1. Text while driving 2. Talk on your cell phone while driving 3. Speed 4. Turn your head while talking to your friends. 5. Play with your radio / iPod and take your eyes of the road. 6. Don’t buckle your seat belts Ask Carol, Chris, Kassy […]