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“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Movie Review

Isla Nublar is about to explode. The volcanic eruptions will surely kill most of the dinosaurs left there. Some people want to save the dinosaurs while some people want it to look like they care about saving the dinosaurs when, in fact, all they care about is……money. Claire Dearling (Bryce Dallas Howard) and two new friends, paleo-veterinarian Zia Rodriguez (Daniella

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“Oddball” Movie Review

“Oddball” is based on a true story of Maremma sheep dogs protecting tiny penguins from predators. Click to visit the web page of the Warrnambool Penguins. Warrnambool, Australia has an easily accessible (via shallow water) island, Middle Island, that at one time had been home to thousands of tiny penguins.  Several years ago, foxes looking for an “easy meal”, found

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“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Movie Review

Wanting to leave the lawless planet of Corellia, Han (Alden Ehenreich) and his girlfriend, Qi’ra (Danare…..err, Emilia Clarke) steal some precious hyper-fuel, coaxium, to use to bribe officials to let them leave. Well, the plan only half works: Han escapes, but, Qi’ra is captured. 3 years pass and the two meet again to work with outlaw (and completely un-trustable) Tobias

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“The Ultimate Gift” Movie Review

Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) is exactly like his older relatives: Spoiled, rich, lazy, arrogant, entitled, and greedy. He and his grandfather, Howard (James Garner), have not talked in years, so when it comes time to collect the inheritance, Jason assumed he would get nothing and was about to leave Mr. Hamilton’s (Bill Cobbs) office when he was summoned back. It

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“Life of the Party” Movie Review

Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) was a senior studying archaeology at Decatur University when she left school to have her baby, Maddie (Molly Gordon). 20 some odd years later, Deanna and her husband, Dan (Matt Walsh), are dropping Maddie off for her senior year at Decatur when Dan tells Deanna that he is divorcing her. Devastated and surprised, Deanna, re-evaluates her life

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