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September 11 2001: How We Helped Columbia University

September 11, 2001 Lori’s mother’s birthday started out just like any other day.  I was just getting up, Lori was already getting Kristen ready for […]

Ten Years Ago Today

— Ten years ago today, we took this picture on a visit to New York and New Jersey. We discussed going up the Twin Towers, […]

Volcano in Chile: June 2011

Chau sent an email the other day with pictures of the volcano in June 2011 in Chile. Stunning. I did a Google search and found […]

Klepto the Cat Burglar

Chau sent me this link last night via email.  Very cute.   Drive Safe! College Scholarships

405 Carmegeddon in LA

LA is closing 405 for some repairs, and the area is expected to gridlock (have they not heard of TELECOMMUTING??).  Anyway….a FB friend’s friend posted […]

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

Originally posted on, re-posted here on May 31, 2011 because of some interesting late breaking news. UPDATE May 31, 2011:  You all need to listen to […]

Weird Weather in Tracy, CA

We got hail the size of peas today….I captured much of it on video.  First in the backyard, then I moved to the front. As […]

Earthquake and Tsunami

If you have any doubt as the AWESOME POWER of Mother Nature… Here is hoping that the people in Japan are safe in the aftermath […]