Tracy Press gave the following for:

1. For Kassy and Bobby: Any US Bank location in Tracy, tell them the money is for “Kassy and Bobby” for memorial donations.

2. For Chris:  Go to: PayPal. There is a link called: “Send Money”. Select that, or menu option “Send Money Online”. Keep trying since Paypal is being really stupid about pulling up that page. Enter the “To” email as: Then continue with the form and then click on “Continue”.

3. For Carol: (See this page for complete information on Carol’s Scholarship FundBBVA Compass Bank (Tracy Blvd and 11th) is collecting money for the “Carol Phan Scholarship Fund” (put that on the check).  You also need to put the account #: 2526281481.

There are several ways to donate:  A. You can bring the donation to the Bank, B. or give it to Carol’s Mom, C. or Lori, D. or Me, E. or Kristen, F. or send it to:, 95 W. 11th Street, Suite 205, Tracy, CA, 95376

And we will deposit it.  For now (this may change) this fund will be for a Tracy High student in IB and / or Ag Sci who needs help attending a 4 year university of college.

If you want, you can Donate via PayPal.

We hope this scholarship lasts….forever!  I’ll set up a running total on this web site so you will know how much is in the Scholarship Fund at any given time.  I will also set up a page featuring each of the scholars getting it….hmmm, I wonder if I can install a Thermometer widget on this blog….that would be cool.



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