I’ll use this page to put up ideas for techy’s to design apps (or hardware) that can help people…add your own ideas in the comments….

1. Curfew Texter: A cell phone app that the parent can set up text their kid (with the appropriate threat) at curfew time.  This way the old folks can go to sleep and know that the kid has been reminded.  Repeats every minute until they get home. 11/6/2010

2. Crash Detector: Develop an app in the cell phone that detects violent movement which can occur in an accident.  Automatically texts the police, or selected person, with the time and location.  Assuming the cell phone survives the crash… 11/6/2010

3. Lifelong friend Thomas Alexander and I have been kicking around an idea to automaticaly blow the front and back windows out when a car is submerged.

4. We also floated the idea of a “trunk floater” which will keep the back of the car at or near the surface.  Then blow the window.

5. I still think the idea I had of taking a fingerprint of the driver (or scan the eye), then the computer in the car allows or does not allow that person to drive.  If that person is a kid and the parents tell the car to restrict the speed…the car will do that.  (See the About page for the original idea).

6. I posted a blog entry describing the MyKey by Ford.  Since it limits the speed to 80 mph, I think it is pretty useless for the purposes of slowing kids down.  My teenage know-it-all daughter says that limiting the speed is “stupid”.  It is not.  Here is an idea my wife had:  Car Curfew.  At Midnight, the speed of the car is limited to 50 mph (if the parent chooses to implement this).  Since most teen deaths occur after Midnight….this might actually save some lives, and one saved may be your kid!


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