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“Hitch” Movie Review

“Hitch” Movie Review (wholesome, heartwarming, fun) We pulled out an old DVD….I had forgotten how good this 2005 movie was… […]

25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Chau (Carol’s mom) sent me this via email.  She said her cousin (in Vietnam?) knows this person.  I’m trying to […]

Google+ Social Network

Soooo, are you ready to drop Facebook and move over to Google+??? Well, they are taking requests, but, apparently Google+ […]

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Inyoung Hong Graduates from Cornell University

“Today, I graduate from Cornell University, bringing my undergraduate years to a final close. It’s a little strange to reflect on my time in college. On one hand, the four years have flown by so quickly. Yet, at the same time, high school seems like a distant memory, far older than a mere four years.[....]

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