“Adventures in Public School” Movie Review and Trailer

Home-schooled all his life teen, Liam, goes to a public high school for a few months and learns about life.

“Toast” Movie Review and Trailer

A true story based on the life of food writer and chef Nigel Slater. As a boy, Nigel (Oscar Kennedy), was not allowed to eat […]

“Johnny English Strikes Again” Movie Trailer

“Johnny English Strikes Again” will be in theaters this Friday, 10/26/2018.

Funny Facebook Posts, Part 8

Well, the  Facebook fun has been wiped out thanks to the hateful twitter twit.  BUT….I still have two more folders of funny stuff after this one. 

Movie Box Office Results October 19 – 21 2018

“Halloween” scared the crap out of everyone landing at #1 this weekend.