“Wild” Movie Review

(Pacific Crest Trail Therapy) – – Cheryl Strayer (Reese Witherspoon) is battling some serious demons. One way to confront herself and those demons, she decides, […]

My First Few Weeks at Cal State Long Beach Among Other Things :-)

Claire Guite, our 2015 Carol Phan College Scholarship recipient, sent in this blog entry talking about her first few weeks at Cal State Long Beach!  […]

“Welcome to Me” Movie Review

(Wacky, Weird, Quirky) – – Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) has won $86 million in the lottery. She has borderline personality disorder and, since she is […]

“The Skeleton Twins” Movie Review

(Suicidal Twins Reunite) – – Maggie Dean (Kristen Wiig) is just about to swallow a handful of pills when her cell phone rings. She answers […]

“Woman in Gold” Movie Review

(Golden) – – Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) has just buried her sister. At the cemetery, she is talking to an old family friend when she […]

“Taken 3” Movie Review

(Particularly Skillful) – – Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) and Lenore St. John (Famke Janssen) want to get closer again. They are just waiting for Lenore […]

“Broken Flowers” Movie Review

(Quirky, Quiet, Droll) – – Don Johnston’s (Bill Murray) latest girlfriend just walked out. But, Don takes this life changing event like he seems to […]