“War Horse” Movie Review

(epic (Gone with the Wind) feel, intense, but predictable) – – Despite what you see in the trailer and the title, “War Horse” this is […]

Beautiful Paths

Chau sent me an email a few days ago with most of these pictures of beautiful paths.  As luck may have it, Facebook friend, and […]

“The Help” Movie Review

(Chau gave it a 5!) (We gave it 4.5) – – Emma Stone (as Skeeter Phelan) just graduated from college and landed her first writing […]

“We Bought a Zoo” Movie Review

(Heartwarming fun) – – Matt Damon (as Benjamin Mee) has lost his wife and is seeking a better life for his two kids and himself. […]

“Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” Movie Review

(WOW!  Chau (Carol’s mom), Mike, and Lori all agree!) – – A new Mission Impossible team sets out to save the world. Unfortunately, they are […]

Adopt A Class Classroom Supply Donation

Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Cami Brumburgh of NNIS Computer Repair for her amazing donation of TONS of classroom supplies for local […]

Five Funny Commercials

Chau sent me a link to a commercial the other day.  It was funny, but then I saw this one listed on the side (Hmmm, […]

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” Movie Review

(Put your thinking cap on) – – Robert Downey Jr. (as Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (as Dr. John Watson) are TERRIFIC together.  The chemistry […]

“Elf” Movie Review

(Sweet, Funny, Zooey) – – It’s Christmas!  And I have been watching some Christmas related movies the past couple of weeks…lots of fun. Will Ferrell […]

Live a Life That Matters

Chau sent me this Powerpoint presentation the other day.  The message is powerful. Interestingly, last night at Barnes & Noble I overheard a person (I […]

Funny One Liners

Chau sent me these last night via email….very funny but not politically correct (hmmmm, that is what makes them so funny!)  Just like Congress!  :-)))) […]

Home Robbery Caught on Video

Chau sent me this via email the other day…watch it till the end.  Very interesting! – – Drive Safe! Never Forget.