Movie Reviews: The Complete List

Carol loved going to the movies with us. We decided to honor her passion for movies by doing movie reviews on this site. Our philosophy […]

“My Freshman Year of College is Over” by Caitlin Dong

A quick note from Caitlin Dong, our first Carol Phan College Scholarship recipient! D-O-N-E. I’m donedonedone. My freshman year of college is over and it definitely […]

Amy Ly, West High

For more about Amy and the other scholarship here. Here is the picture Amy submitted for the scholarship: Amy’s $1,000 scholarship was sponsored by […]

Seokho Hong, Tracy High

For more about Seokho and the other scholarship winners…click here. – – Seokho Hong, Tracy High, 2012 Carol Phan College Scholarship Essay My passion in […]

“Dark Shadows” Movie Review

(Campy fun, vintage Tim Burton ending) – – Lori watched the original TV show religiously, I watched it occasionally. Going to the movies to see […]

“The Avengers” Movie Review

(Fun, Exciting Action) – – Tapping an unlimited power source being investigated by scientists at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) evil ambitious brother, Loki (played […]

Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm (BRAD)

I saw this video on Facebook. Sure hope Derek does not mind me reposting it here for all our readers.  🙂 VERY COOL, VERY CREATIVE. […]

“The Five-Year Engagement” Movie Review

(Funny, Quiet, True Life) – – Gotta say this movie was much better than I thought it was going to be.  The audience in the […]