“Playing for Keeps” Movie Review

 (Brainless predictable fun, Judy Greer) – – The biggest (very pleasant) surprise for me was that Judy Greer was in this move!  🙂 Gerard Butler […]

“Life of Pi” Movie Review

(Visually Stunning) – – A teenager, Pi Patel (played as a teen by Suraj Sharma) leaves India on a cargo ship with his family and […]

“Wreck It Ralph” Movie Review

(Fun) – – For 30 years, Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) played the bad guy.  Problem is, bad guys do not get a nice […]

Give a ForCarol.com Mug for Christmas

A PERFECT  CHRISTMAS gift for someone you love.  Drive Safe!  Never Forget.   All money will go toward college scholarships for Tracy, CA scholars and […]

Geek Christmas Gifts 2012

Originally posted on TelBitConsulting: Technology Simplified:
    GO HERE FOR MY 2013 GEEK CHRISTMAS LIST   Assuming we make it to Christmas this year….think…

College Scholarships, Tracy, CA

Click here to download the $1,000, Carol Phan College Scholarship Application for a Tracy High IB/Ag Science scholar.

“Skyfall” Movie Review

(SPECTACULAR) — – 007 done right. Extraordinary. Daniel Craig (007), Javier Barden (creepy, gay, evil, high tech, ex-MI6 agent), and Judi Dench (M) are STUPENDOUS. […]

“The Magic of Belle Isle” Movie Review

(Wonderful) – – Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman) is a famous author who has lost his desire to write after losing his wife to cancer 6 […]