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  • “The Do-Over” Movie Review

    “The Do-Over” Movie Review

    Watch this trailer at your own risk! Charlie (David Spade) is at a class reunion watching his attractive wife dirty dance with her ex when old friend, Max (Adam Sandler) chats him up and, for awhile, makes him forget this miserable reunion. We learn that Charlie is stuck in a non-loving, boring, existence. He still […]

  • “The Ridiculous 6” Movie Review

    “The Ridiculous 6” Movie Review

    (Adam Sandler Goofy) – – After his mother was murdered, Tommy (Adam Sandler) was taken in by Indians and raised as one of their own. His Indian name is White Knife. One day, his long lost father, Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) comes to the village looking for Tommy. They reconnect but Frank is taken hostage […]

  • “Blended” Movie Review

    “Blended” Movie Review

    (Sandler & Barrymore Shine) – – Sometimes Adam Sandler gives you stupid. Sometimes he gives you a really good movie. “Blended” is the latter: A low key (for the most part) comedy about two single parents trying to do the best for their kids….99% of the time. On a blind date, Sandler (as Jim) takes […]

  • “Jack and Jill” Movie Review

    “Jack and Jill” Movie Review

    (Adam Sandler goofy) – – The buzz going into this movie was how bad it was.  Well, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, in fact, it was not bad at all….except for the last 30 minutes which was stupid, inane, and ridiculous.  Cut out that last part and it was […]