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  • “Haywire” Movie Review

    “Haywire” Movie Review

    Gina Carano (as Mallory) is a private contractor special agent.  She goes where ever there is a need for someone with her special skills. A journalist is being held hostage in Barcelona, Spain.  Mallory and team (including Channing Tatum, as Aaron) rescue the journalist and turn him over to those who wanted him freed.  Job […]

  • “Contraband” Movie Review

    (TENSE Action !!!) – – Former smuggler Chris Farraday (played by Mark Wahlberg) is forced back into action because of the stupidity of his brother-in-law Andy (played by Caleb Landry Jones). Farraday’s wife, Kate (played by a blonde Kate Beckinsale, I did not recognize her) and kids are threatened by small time hoodlum Tim Briggs (played by […]

  • “War Horse” Movie Review

    “War Horse” Movie Review

    (epic (Gone with the Wind) feel, intense, but predictable) – – Despite what you see in the trailer and the title, “War Horse” this is not really a “war” movie.  Although World War I plays a large part, this is really a story of a horse, a boy, and the love they have for each […]

  • “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” Movie Review

    “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” Movie Review

    (WOW!  Chau (Carol’s mom), Mike, and Lori all agree!) – A new Mission Impossible team sets out to save the world. Unfortunately, they are on the U.S. Government’s shit list after being set-up for a bombing at the Kremlin and have been disavowed. Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt) takes control in the effort to find […]

  • “Jack and Jill” Movie Review

    “Jack and Jill” Movie Review

    (Adam Sandler goofy) – – The buzz going into this movie was how bad it was.  Well, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, in fact, it was not bad at all….except for the last 30 minutes which was stupid, inane, and ridiculous.  Cut out that last part and it was […]

  • “Tower Heist” Movie Review

    “Tower Heist” Movie Review

    (TERRIFIC) – – Ben Stiller (as Josh Kovacs) and Eddie Murphy (as Slide) have a tendency to over act and get loud for no reason.  Not here.  They are both controlled (well…as controlled as Murphy can be) and terrific! Stiller is the general manger of a fancy high rise apartment building in New York City […]

  • “Puss in Boots” Movie Review

    (Fun movie for kids) – – Antonio Banderas (as Puss) and Salma Hayak (as Kitty Softpaws) lend their voices in this cartoon for kids. Puss is looking for Jack in Beanstalk’s magic beans (the very mean and ugly Jack and Jill have them) so he, Kitty, and bad egg Humpty Dumpty (Zack Galifianakis) can ride […]