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Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S Card for ForCarol.com Fundraising

    NEW: SHARES is now part of eScrip If you shop at Save Mart, help us help YOUR kids afford college! Go to the […]

“Our Idiot Brother” Movie Review

(Wonderful, Funny, Zooey) – – Paul Rudd (as Ned) is really not an idiot.  He is an innocent child-like man who puts his faith in […]

Bulldog Surfin to the Beach Boys

Chau continues the bulldog video’s with this classic.  This bulldog is surfing to the Beach Boys, “Surfin USA” song.  Very cool…especially the music.  🙂 Us […]

Marriage & Relationships

Chau sent this along via email the other day.  Enjoy! — If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him […]

Retire Aged People Early

– Apparently, Chau woke up and started sending emails again!  I’m sooo glad, because I was running out of ideas for the kind of cool, […]

“Paul” Movie Review

 (Terrific) – – We watched this on VUDU. Looking at the trailer, I thought this might be a crude, loud, crazy movie.  What it is […]

“One Day” Movie Review

 (gloomy, disjointed, depressing) – – The reason I go to the movies, and read, is to be transported to a world not connected with reality. […]

“Zoolander” Movie Review

(stupid fun) — – We watched this on VUDU. Ben Stiller (as Derek Zoolander) is the top male model in the world.  Unfortunately, his brain […]

Lu Chen Magician

Chau sent me this a few days ago.  Amazing!  I wonder how he does this…. For more on Lu Chen, go to this WikiPedia article […]

“He’s just not that into you” Movie Review

 (Confusing, Scarlett Johansson) — — We watched this on VUDU. A cast full of stars agonizing over the fact that if a guy wants to […]

“Cowboys & Aliens” Movie Review

 (intriguing mix, great action, scary aliens) — — With all the negative reviews I have been hearing…I was hesitant to go see “Cowboys & Aliens” […]

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” Movie Trailer

Coming in December 2011.  Looking soooo forward to this one! — — Drive Safe!  Never Forget.