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  • “Fools Gold” Movie Review

    “Fool’s Gold” Movie Review  (could have been better) We actually bought this DVD…not sure why. Matthew McConaughey (as Finn) and Kate Hudson (as Tess) have spent the last 8 years married and searching for the missing Spanish treasure ship the Aurelia. Newly divorced, Kate is ready to go back to Chicago when Matthew finds, purely […]

  • “X2” Movie Review

    “X2” Movie Review  (better than the original) On our quest to watch all the X-Men movies before the next one comes out…this was #2. X2 (X-Men United) is better than the original.  From the second it starts to the second it ends, it is a great movie!  Lots of action and we learn more about […]

  • “Kung Fu Panda 2” Movie Review

    “Kung Fu Panda 2” Movie Review  (GREAT movie!) My opinion:  Way better than the first one. Po (Jack Black) and gang (Tigress (Jolie), Monkey (Chan), Mantis (Rogen), Viper (Liu..ah, my heart), and Crane (Cross) travel to Shen’s (Oldman) location to destroy a new weapon that threatens to end Kung Fu. We learn more about Po’s […]

  • Drive Safe! This Memorial Day Weekend

    Be careful, make sure you are home at curfew time, don’t drink, and don’t drive distracted. I want your name on this blog for a scholarship…not a funeral. Drive Safe!  Never Forget (Carol Phan, Chris Hoovler, Kassy Bittick, and Bobby Bittick)    

  • “From Prada to Nada” Movie Review

    “From Prada to Nada” Movie Review

    “From Prada to Nada” Movie Review  (Sweet Chicka Flick) – – Rich sisters, Alexa Vega (as Mary Dominguez) and Camilla Belle (as Nora Dominguez),  from Beverly Hills lose everything when their father dies. Moving from Beverly Hills to live with their Aunt in East LA they find themselves in a different world.  They also find […]

  • “X Men” Movie Review

    “X Men” Movie Review We decided to go back and watch the X-Men series, starting with the first one in 2000 (on VUDU).  We may be among the very few who had not seen it yet… Humans are evolving.  The “mutants” are ostracized because they are different (how familiar is that?).  Two powerful mutants have taken different […]

  • “Thor” Movie Review

    “Thor” Movie Review

    “Thor” Movie Review  (Lori: Loves mythology, and (?) Chris Hemsworth)  (Mike: Confusing visual experience, Portman rocks) Mike’s Review Arrogant and impetuous, the young Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is ready to fight at the drop of a hat.  After invading another realm itching for a fight, Dad saves him (and his friends) then banishes his ass to […]

  • “Smart People” Movie Review

    “Smart People” Movie Review (Smart, witty, engaging) We watched this 2008 movie on VUDU. No action, very quiet dialogue, no special effects, no crashes, no yelling, one or two appropriate f-words…..acting……pure and simple. Self obsessed Dennis Quaid (as college Professor Lawrence Wetherhold) is stumbling through life years after the death of his wife.  After his […]

  • “Fast Five” Movie Review

    “Fast Five” Movie Review  (action, humor, terrific ending) After an exciting escape from a prison bound bus, Vin Diesel (as Dominic Toretto) and team gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to take down the most powerful man in town…Joaquim de Almeida (as Reyes). The lure of making $100 million (split about 10 ways) made the […]