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“The Vanishing of Sidney Hall” Movie Review and Trailer

Sidney Hall (Logan Lerman) is a brilliant writer. As early as 5th grade, his teachers realized his potential even though they did not always agree with his subject matter. In high school, one of his teachers, Duane (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), encouraged Sidney to try not to fail another teachers class, and maybe write a novel. Meeting the love of his

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“Friends with Kids” Movie Review and Trailer

Two married couples and two single friends enjoy a “kid-less” existence going out and partying until…..the kids arrive, and their world changes. The married couples: Leslie (Maya Rudolph) and Alex (Chris Dowd) and Missy (Kristen Wiig) and Ben (Jon Hamm) handle the arrival of the kids differently.  No real problem for Leslie and Alex, big relationship problem for Missy and

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“Stone of Destiny” Movie Review and Trailer

The “Stone of Destiny” is a true story of how Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) and his daredevil team of Scottish Nationalists retook control of the Scottish “Stone of Scone” from England in 1950. in 1950, the Scottish Nationalist movement was fighting headwinds as most Scottish people were content to just live their lives as underlings to England. One daring Nationalist,

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“Hello I Love You” Movie Review and Trailer

Andy Miller (Ben Jarvis) works in a production company as a production assistant. The job sounds great, but, in truth…..it kinda sucks. In a meeting, Andy’s boss, Baggins (Tony Toscano), wants to hear ideas for a new reality TV series.  Nothing but stupid ideas come up and the meeting is adjourned with Baggins holding his head in disgust. Back in his

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