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“Toast” Movie Review and Trailer

A true story based on the life of food writer and chef Nigel Slater. As a boy, Nigel (Oscar Kennedy), was not allowed to eat […]

“All at Once” Movie Review and Trailer

Family man who gave up art to raise his friends kids finds true love.

“The Vanishing of Sidney Hall” Movie Review and Trailer

Sidney Hall (Logan Lerman) is a brilliant writer. As early as 5th grade, his teachers realized his potential even though they did not always agree […]

“Friends with Kids” Movie Review and Trailer

Two married couples and two single friends enjoy a “kid-less” existence going out and partying until…..the kids arrive, and their world changes. The married couples: […]

“Love’s Kitchen” Movie Review and Trailer

Rob (Dougray Scott) had a thriving restaurant when his wife died in a car crash (Drive Safe! Never Forget). After that, Rob no longer cared […]

“Stone of Destiny” Movie Review and Trailer

The “Stone of Destiny” is a true story of how Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) and his daredevil team of Scottish Nationalists retook control of the […]

“Set It Up” Movie Review and Trailer

Harper is an overworked assistant to famous sports writer, Kirsten. Can she find love?

“Hello I Love You” Movie Review and Trailer

Andy Miller (Ben Jarvis) works in a production company as a production assistant. The job sounds great, but, in truth…..it kinda sucks. In a meeting, […]