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“Greenfingers” Movie Review

Colin Briggs (Clive Owen) is transferred from his current prison to a new progressive prison where the prisoners are allowed freedom, yes, they can simply walk away should they so choose.  The prisoners are given jobs that will train them for a trade when (if) they are released. […]

“The Ultimate Gift” Movie Review

Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) is exactly like his older relatives: Spoiled, rich, lazy, arrogant, entitled, and greedy. He and his grandfather, Howard (James Garner), have not talked in years, so when it comes time to collect the inheritance, Jason assumed he would get nothing and was about to […]

Our 2018 College Scholarship Winner: Yash Taneja

Meet Yash Taneja our 2018 Carol Phan College Scholarship winner. Congratulations, Yash!  🙂 Yash will be attending U.C. Davis majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He submitted the following original song for his scholarship application. Go here to see all the scholarship recipients since 2011. Enjoy! My Plan by Yash Taneja (To the beat of […]

Movie Box Office Results May 11 – 13 2018

Avengers: Infinity War clobbers the competition and settles in at #1 for the next few weeks.  🙂 The top ten movies for May 11 – 13, 2018 are listed below. Go to BoxOfficeMojo for more information. #1: Avengers: Infinity War, $61.8 million, Total so far: $548 million #2: Life of the Party, $18.5 million, Total […]