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“Elysium” Movie Review

(Powerful, Gritty, Prophetic?) – – I read the book “Inferno” by Dan Brown earlier this year.  In that book, the researcher who sparks the worldwide search for his creation warns the world about the dangers of over population.  “Elysium” vividly shows how over population can drastically change human […]

“Shooter” Movie Review

(Wahlberg Rocks) – – Since Mark Wahlberg is fast becoming one of our favorites, we decided to watch an older Walhberg movie last night on VUDU. “Shooter” is a terrific thriller definitely worth the rent. Wahlberg is an ex-Marine sniper extraordinaire.  His last combat action ended badly as […]

“2 Guns” Movie Review

(Fun Buddy Movie) – – After reading the reviews, I was not sure I wanted to go see “2 Guns”. Overcoming my trepidation (because of Wahlberg) I am glad we went!  I have no idea what the reviewers reviewed, but, I suspect they did not watch this movie, […]

“Monsters University” Movie Review

(Monstrously Fun) – – In this prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc. hit movie, we join Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan, or Sulli, (John Goodman) as they attend Monsters University as potential Scare students. The only problem is…..Sulli is scary but  too cool to study, while Mike is […]

“The Internship” Movie Review

(Google-y Fun) – – What time is it? Since you probably did not look at your wrist to answer that question explains why Owen Wilson (as Nick Campbell) and Vince Vaughn (as Billy McMahon) are newly unemployed with few skills to be successful in the workplace. Billy is […]

Phantom Fireworks Demo Videos

As you know, ForCarol.com will have a Fireworks Booth this year on N. Tracy Blvd. at the Old Save Mart near Carl’s Jr. All the Phantom Fireworks organizations had a really cool meeting last night capped by an awesome fireworks demo…nerd that I am….I took videos!  🙂 Here […]

“Star Trek Into Darkness” Movie Review

(PERFECT) – – Dammit Jim, this is a perfect movie. The entire “new” cast has returned for this perfectly wonderful Star Trek.  Perfect story, perfect mix of characters, humor, terror, and action all moving at warp speed.  Tribbles and all. John Harrison (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a […]