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“Gravity” Movie Review

(Mesmerizing) – – “Gravity” is mesmerizing.  Spectacular special effects, and acting, bring the terror of being lost in space to life. Sandra Bullock (as engineer Ryan Stone) is at her very best.  George Clooney (as Astronaut Matt Kowalski) is also excellent, but, there is no doubt…..this movie belongs to Bullock. When debris from an accidental missile strike on a satellite

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“Ides of March” Movie Review

(Dirty Politics…is there any other kind?) – – Ryan Gosling (as Stephen Meyers), is extremely intelligent, hardworking, and devoted to George Clooney (as Gov. Mike Morris). As Clooney’s run for President picks up steam, Gosling hooks up with sexy intern, Evan Rachel Wood (as Molly Stearns). During this affair, he finds out startling information about Wood and Clooney. The fantastic,

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