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“The Walk” Movie Review

(Nerve-Wracking, Sweaty-Palms, Fun) – – Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a Paris street performer in the early 1970’s. Part of his act has him juggling while walking a “high-wire” strung between lamp posts, trees, etc. Biting into a candy given to him by an appreciative audience member, his […]

“Don Jon” Movie Review

(Perfection:  Scarlett Johansson & porn in the same movie) – – ******This review is rated R.  You have been warned. ****** Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Jon)  wrote and directed this very unique groundbreaking movie. The fact that he has Scarlett Johansson (as Barbara) and Julianne Moore (as Esther) in […]

“Premium Rush” Movie Review

(Maximum fun) – – Fast, innovative, fun. I heard this was due to be released straight to “DVD” but with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s successful role in Batman the movie moguls decided to see how this would do in theaters. “Premium Rush” won’t break any attendance records, but, it sure […]

“50/50” Movie Review

(Oscar worthy acting) – – A pain in a young man’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam) back turns out to be a rare form of cancer.  Searching the Internet he finds out that he has a 50/50 chance of survival. His friend, Seth Rogan (as Kyle), decides that if […]