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  • Movie Box Office Results July 8 – 10 2022

    Movie Box Office Results July 8 – 10 2022

    I have no idea who won the weekend box office…..ah, I just looked….Thor! 🙂 The box office / movie theaters are still not at a pre-pandemic levels. Before the pandemic the top ten movies were ALL above 1 or 2 million. Today, for example, #8 and beyond are all less than 1 million, significantly less. […]

  • “American Underdog” Movie Review

    “American Underdog” Movie Review

    Since he was a kid, Kurt wanted to be a football player. He loved the game and he played it well. Well….when he played. At his small university in Iowa, Kurt (Zachary Levi) was a bench warmer. His coach did not like it that Kurt left the pocket to throw the ball. So he sat. […]

  • “Thor: Love and Thunder” Official Trailer

    “Thor: Love and Thunder” Official Trailer

    In theaters, July 8, 2022, “Thor: Love and Thunder” hits theaters with, I think, a new Thor emerging to take over the hammer. Looks like fun! 🙂 Drive Safe! Never Forget. More Disney movies…..

  • “Hustle” Movie Review

    “Hustle” Movie Review

    After 30 years as an NBA scout (currently with the 76ers), Stanley Sugarman (Adam Sandler) is on a worldwide hunt for a basketball player that will, hopefully, jump start his coaching career. The new owner of the 76ers, Vince Merrick (Ben Foster), is not a fan of Sugerman and gives him an ultimatium: Find a […]

  • “Cuban Fury” Movie Review

    “Cuban Fury” Movie Review

    When they were teenagers, Bruce (Nick Frost), and his sister Sam (Olivia Colman) were salsa champions. They won almost every competition they entered until one fateful night when Bruce was attacked and forced to eat the sequins off his salsa shirt. That night, Bruce quit dancing…. 25 years later Bruce is working in a British […]

  • “The Man from Toronto” Movie Review

    “The Man from Toronto” Movie Review

    The Man from Toronto (Woody Harrelson) is an assassin for hire. His reputation is such that the instant he shows up to make the bad guys talk, they quake in fear of being fileted like a fish…..alive…..and generally talk their heads off…..then…..their heads get blown off. Teddy (Kevin Hart) is a loser. Eveything he tries […]

  • Movie Box Office Results July 1 – 3 2022

    Movie Box Office Results July 1 – 3 2022

    A new powerhouse blockbuster has taken over #1 at the box office! 🙂 The Movie Box Office Results July 1 – 3 2022 are listed below. Go to BoxOfficeMojo for more information. #1: Minions: The Rise of Gru, $108.5 million, Total so far: $108.5 million (NEW) #2: Top Gun: Maverick, $25.5 million, Total so far: $564 million #3: Elvis, $19.0 […]

  • “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” Movie Review

    “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” Movie Review

    After the evnts of the last movie, Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey), has been banished to the mushroom planet. For 268 days (or so) he has been planning is escape while building a device that will harness the power of one Sonic (Ben Schwartz) hair and, hopefully, bring those who want Sonic to the mushroom planet […]

  • Yash Taneja Graduates from U.C. Davis

    Yash Taneja Graduates from U.C. Davis

    Yash Taneja, our 2018 recipient of the Carol Phan Memorial College Scholarship, has graduated from U.C Davis with BS Degrees in both Aerospace Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Below, Yash writes about his experiences at college, how he decided to go to Stanford, and plans for the future. Click here to see Yash’s winning […]