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“The Lost City of Z” Movie Review and Trailer

Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) was a geographer and surveyor with the British Army in 1905. He had done an admirable job surveying for England, and was now given the chance to survey, as an independent source, an unknown area of jungle in Bolivia. Amazonia. Needing to leave his family for several years to complete this task, he and his surveying

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“Green Book” Movie Review and Trailer

1962 Dr. Donald Shirley (Mahershala Ali) is an accomplished pianist in a trio that is embarking on a whirlwind, two month, concert tour of high-class establishments in the deep south. Shirley is high-class, single, black, and gay. Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen) is a New York Italian bouncer at the Copacabana. He is married to Dolores (Linda Cardinelli). Unemployed while the

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“Liars Fires and Bears” Movie Review and Trailer

Dave (Lundon Boyd) is a nice guy floundering through life as an immature adult. Eve (Megli Micek) is a tough 9 year old foster kid with a driving need to find her older brother. One night, after flirting with the bartender, Dave leaves the bar, not really drunk, but, buzzed…..after being soundly rejected. Getting to his car, he finds a

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“Fighting with My Family” Movie Review and Trailer

Saraya and Zak Knight are siblings in a wrestling family. Growing up, they dreamed of hitting the big time in the WWE. But, in the meantime, they teach wrestling in the family business and participate in local matches, honing their skills. Zak is the toughest of the tough, and Saraya is quieter, darker, and prone to panic attacks in front

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